Evoluent Left Hand Corded Keyboard - Reduced Reach

  • Evoluent Left Hand Corded Keyboard - Reduced Reach 11N

    Often when using a typical keyboard, the numbers located on the right-hand side causes people to reach quite a distance between the main character keys and the mouse.

    Many people choose to adjust this distance by slightly offsetting the keyboard to the left. Although this can make you have to reach less, eventually it leads to comfort issues as your hands and wrists are contorting in unnatural ways.


    Evoluent Left Hand Keyboard - Reduced Reach

    This innovative design cleverly places the numeric keys on the left side of the keyboard. This allows the character keys to be inline central with your body and lets your mouse be closer to your hands.

    If you find yourself spending hours at your computer every day it’s important to ensure you are taking the necessary precautions to preserve your health. This ergonomic keyboard is sure to provide you with ongoing comfort and support that will have you working smarter, not harder.



    • Tactile bumps for no-look typing
    • High-quality scissor key mechanisms
    • Compatible with Windows
    • Full-size arrows


    Size 403 mm wide x 171 mm deep
    Height 20 mm 
    Weight 704 gm
    Connection Corded USB only
    • Windows,Unix Linux and others recognize the Num Lock key
    • Not compatible with Mac
    • The top row of shortcut keys only work with Windows
    • No driver download necessary




    12 Months

    $130.00 (inc GST)