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Forearm Support

In the office, a problem that some people encounter when using a keyboard and mouse all day is that their forearms rest in an awkward position on the edge of the desk. After an hour or two, this can cause severe pain in the forearm or wrist and no amount of adjusting your keyboard seems to solve the problem.

Forearm support products are an essential piece of ergonomic office furniture to add to workstations. This ergonomic equipment adds padding and comfort to the edge of tables and desks, allowing your forearm to rest in a neutral position while conducting repetitive tasks with your wrist, forearm and arm. This subsequently reduces strain on your upper back, shoulders and neck.

Browse our forearm supports that attach easily to your desk, table or seating and are adjustable to suit your body shape, desk and needs.

To test out some forearm supports before buying, we welcome you to visit our Perth showroom and speak to one of our trusted experts. Or, shop online - we can deliver anywhere in Australia!

If you can’t decide which forearm support is best suited to you, feel free to come down to our Perth showroom where you can try out the accessories or speak to one of our experts on the phone on (08) 9240 7066.

Forearm Support FAQs

Why do my forearms hurt when I type?

The repetitive and continuous movement of your forearm, arm and wrist by using a computer at your desk can cause repetitive strain injuries (RSI). A repetitive strain injury happens in many industries by performing a task over and over again, placing pressure on a certain part of the body. Strain through the forearm, arm and wrist can also affect the upper back, shoulders and neck.

What support product can I use to stop my arm from hurting when typing?

Pain may occur in your arms, shoulders, neck or back if you've been working at your desk without your arm and wrist placed in a neutral position. An ergonomic forearm support product is the ideal solution to stop your arms from hurting at your desk.

What is ergonomic forearm support?

Forearm support can relieve muscle strain and reduce tension in your forearms, wrists, back, shoulders and neck. Support for your forearm is made to be attached to desks, to provide cushioning for your wrists and arms as well as keeping them in a neutral position by your side.

Support products for forearms are usually made from an aluminium frame and a padded surface. This durable structure allows them to be height adjustable and clamp firmly onto desks.

Many workplaces which require repetitive tasks with your wrist or arm may need ergonomic forearm support such as offices, various industrial applications, fine detail work and assembly tasks.

How should your forearm be resting on your desk while typing in front of your monitor?

While working at a desk or table, your forearm and wrist should be aligned together in a neutral position by your side. Ensure the wrist and arm you are using, as well as your shoulders, neck and back aren't straining or in any kind of discomfort.

How do I install forearm support products?

Installing an ergonomic forearm support product is easy. Most support products are easily attachable to your desk or chair with a clamp and can be adjusted as needed.

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