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Wireless Headsets

Whether it be for video conferencing at work, virtual family catch ups or gaming, wireless headset products can provide crisp, clear communication and sound quality for any need. Wireless headsets provide users a new level of freedom in comparison to wired headsets. Not only do they allow users to communicate hands free so that they're able to use a computer or do other tasks at the same time, they also enable users to move around freely without cords getting in the way.

Most wireless headsets utilise Bluetooth, infrared or 2.5GHz wireless connectivity, depending on the speed, range and reliability you require on a daily basis. Browse our range of premium wireless headsets, each model has plenty of ergonomic and quality features to suit your needs. We also have a page for wired headsets and USB headsets. If you're unsure what kind of wireless headset device you need, feel free to speak to one of our trusted ergonomic experts for support on 08 9240 7066, or visit our Perth showroom. Delivery is anywhere in Australia!

Wireless Headset FAQs

How do wireless headsets work?

Depending on what you'll be using a wireless headset for, we suggest looking for a few different features when deciding on your headset. A short list of some features to keep in mind include noise cancellation, the sound quality, comfort, microphone quality, distance for the wireless connection and whether it uses Bluetooth, infrared or radio connectivity. Two of the largest considerations when purchasing a wireless headset also include:

Battery Life

All wireless headsets require charging at some point due to their built-in batteries. Most batteries are easily charged by plugging them into a power source using a USB cable. A reasonable amount of battery life should be between 20 and 30 hours before charging is required.


Latency is the time it takes between the audio signal being sent from the device and you receiving it. A short delay may not matter when listening to music, but could become frustrating when gaming or communicating. The latency can vary according to your hardware and software setup, so this should be kept front of mind when choosing your wireless headset setup.

Is a wireless headset a good gaming headset?

Wireless headsets can be used for gaming, but they can be prone to latency and signal issues which may affect time-sensitive game play. If you're playing for extended periods of time, charging the battery may also add another disruption. The audio quality and soundscape however can be adequate for gaming. If you're worried about signal disruptions and battery life, we recommend browsing our wired headsets or USB headsets as a more popular choice for gaming.

Are wireless headset products more expensive?

Back when wireless headset accessories first hit the market, they were generally more expensive due to the built-in battery and the connectivity in the design. As with any headset product, the higher the price means a greater number of features, better design and increased audio quality.

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