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Wired Headsets

Headsets are essential for some industries such as technical and customer support, gaming and video conferencing in the office or at home. They allow the user to speak to someone on the other end while keeping both hands free. This enables users a level of freedom so they can devote some of their attention to other tasks at hand, such as typing on a computer or gaming. As well as increased levels of productivity, using headsets instead of talking directly on a phone can reduce neck, back and shoulder tension.

Headsets that are wired are the perfect ergonomic product to increase your productivity and efficiency at home or work. Browse our top-of-the-range wired headsets online. We also have wireless headsets and USB headsets available. Or, if you’re unsure what kind of wired headset will best suit your device and needs, visit our Perth showroom or speak to one of our trusted ergonomic experts.

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Headsets that are wired have a plug-and-play nature to them. Their cord is compatible with almost any device with a universal 3.5 millimetre jack or the appropriate adapter. Some wireless headsets come with noise-cancelling features to block out background noise, and the ability to adjust the sound settings. The microphone being fixed next to the mouth paired with high quality headphones creates a seamless communication experience.

Wired Headset FAQs

Are you not sure which wired headset is right for you? We’ve put together some additional information that will make things easier for you when buying your next headset.

Which headsets are better for gaming?

Many gamers prefer wired headsets over their wireless counterparts. A gaming headset that is wired is generally considered to be more reliable because of better sound quality, less chance of signal disruption, faster audio transmission and doesn't require charging like Bluetooth sets. This means that while playing fast-paced, long games, the user doesn’t need to worry about disruptions and distractions. It’s also suggested to use a noise-cancelling headset for gaming in order to eliminate background noise and fully immerse yourself in the game.


What are the advantages of wired headsets as opposed to wireless?

Wired headsets have a range of advantages over wireless headsets. As briefly mentioned above, most models have better sound quality than wireless headsets because they use a cable to directly transmit audio data (although this bridge is easily gapped nowadays, especially with more expensive wireless headsets).

If you have a limited budget, wired headsets are also generally cheaper. They’re highly compatible with most devices and you do not need to worry about installing programs or pairing the device. Plus, the user doesn’t need to worry about charging a battery every so often.


Are there any disadvantages of wired headsets?

There are just a few disadvantages of headsets that are wired when compared to the wireless option. The biggest disadvantage is that the cables can easily become tangled and create clutter in your workspace. Additionally, when using the corded headset, users are unable to move far from their device.


How do I connect a wired headset to my device?

You can plug a wired headset into any device with a port for a universal 3.5 millimetre jack and use the headset straight away. This includes most computers and phones. For phones and other devices without the port, an adapter can easily be purchased.

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