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Washable Keyboards

In certain hygiene-critical industries such as healthcare, food and beverage companies and industrial work environments, keeping bacteria and dirt to a minimum is essential. A washable keyboard can withstand harsh environments and handle routine cleaning and disinfection. Our keyboards are designed to reduce the risk of pathogen transmission to ensure a sanitary and functional hospital and work environment.

Our range of washable keyboards are the perfect choice for hygiene-oriented workplaces such as hospitals. The keyboards are 100% waterproof, meaning they are fully washable and can be cleaned and disinfected without the need to unplug and pull them apart. There are many features to choose from with our keyboards. Some are made of antibacterial materials, have removable or permanent silicone housing, have low noise keys for hospitals, back lit keys for low light areas and USB or Bluetooth connectivity. Browse our range of keyboards to find the right washable keyboard for your workplace. If you're unsure of what kind of features you need, feel free to visit our Perth showroom or contact one of our ergonomic specialists on 08 9240 7066.

Washable Keyboard FAQs

Why do we need washable keyboards?

With normal keyboards, when food and dirt particles are dropped in the spaces between keys, they become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other microbes which can easily be spread from keyboards to the hands of the user. This can be especially detrimental in healthcare settings where spread of infection can contribute to healthcare-associated infections (HAI's). Even though Australia doesn't yet have a national system to monitor HAI's, a study estimates that the burden of these infections on hospitals is very high. A washable medical keyboard usually contains several unique features in comparison to regular keyboards. A washable keyboard is waterproof and durable, meaning that it can be washed and disinfected properly with most cleaning products. Some keyboards are also made up of antibacterial materials to further avoid pathogen transmission in medical settings. Lastly, some have low noise keys to keep noise disturbances from typing to a minimum.

How do you clean a washable keyboard product?

Cleaning and disinfecting a washable keyboard is very important and the correct procedure must always be followed. Refer to our cleaning and disinfecting instructions for more information.

Is there also a washable medical mouse available?

Yes, we have a range of medical mice to complement our medical keyboards. Like our keyboards, each mouse product is also waterproof, washable, durable and has antibacterial silicone features to ensure sanitation and cleanliness is kept to a maximum in different hygiene-critical healthcare, food and industrial environments.

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