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USB Headsets

A USB headset is the perfect communication accessory for users who want to look beyond other common forms of headsets. Headsets are essential for some industries such as technical and customer support. They're also needed for gaming, listening to music and video calls with colleagues or family. Their hands-free nature means that the user can complete other tasks at the same time. Most USB headsets are wired with a USB cable that connects directly into the device.

These ergonomic headset accessories are a great choice when upgrading your home or office station, especially if you need to speak to others remotely for long periods of time and want to reduce strain on your neck and shoulders. Browse our great range of USB headsets below, we ship anywhere in Australia. Alternatively, you can speak to one of our Ergonomic experts by visiting our Perth showroom or contacting us on 08 9240 7066.

USB Headset FAQs

How does a USB headset work?

A USB headset works slightly differently to regular wired and wireless headsets. Rather than being connected by a headphone jack or wirelessly, they use a corded USB connector to a computer or other device. This means that rather than using an analogue microphone input and speaker output, the headset uses digital and is able to preserve good sound quality.

Are USB headsets good for gaming?

Many gamers prefer to use USB headsets because their digital microphone and speaker allows for a much richer soundscape and higher quality audio than analogue connectivity. Unlike wireless headsets, they don't have latency issues or a battery that requires charging. This means users can enjoy uninterrupted game play.

What should I compare between USB headset products when buying?

When buying headset products, there are a few things to keep in mind that all depend on your budget and daily needs. Some of the main things to think about are the speaker and microphone quality, length of the cord, the quality of the build, amount of audio control you receive as well as comfort for long periods of use.

What devices do USB headset accessories work with?

USB headsets work with any device that has a USB port, which means they may not be compatible with most mobile devices. The most common device to be paired with these headsets is a computer or laptop.

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