Our Values

At Ergolink we base everything on 3 core values

Ergonomic Benefit

As a specialist ergonomic supplier, it is critical everything product we sell provides an ergonomic benefit.

Unlike some retailers who simply call a product “Ergonomic”, we make sure it actually has ergonomic benefits, giving you peace of mind that the product is up to the job.


Good quality doesn’t always mean expensive, and conversely lower quality doesn’t always mean cheap. It is all relative.

The main point is that everything we do and sell, must be value for money and more importantly, up to the job!

We stake our reputation on what we sell and be assured - we stand by what we sell.


It is a simple four-letter word that means so much…

Is the product easy to use?... Does it make your life easy?... Is it easy to deal with us?  All these questions are based on one important key word – ease.

If we make sure you answer all these questions “yes”, then we have achieved our goal assured happiness.