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Monitor Arms

Personalise your workspace, free up space and improve workplace ergonomics with a monitor arm. Using an adjustable monitor arm lets you position your computer screen at eye level for better viewing.

Our monitor arms are equipped to handle one, two, three or four monitors with dual monitor arms and triple monitor arms as options. Browse our full range of choices below or visit our Perth showroom. If you need help choosing your monitor get in contact with our friendly and experienced team at Ergolink.

Monitor Arms FAQs

Benefits of Using a Monitor Arm

Most ordinary computers aren’t designed ergonomically and often you may be straining your eyes and neck as you look downwards. With an adjustable monitor arm, you can maintain a healthier posture by shifting the screen height and position to your choosing.

Some key benefits of using a monitor arm include:

  • Adjustable: ability to tilt, rotate and extend your monitor to find the right viewing angle
  • Frees up space to keep your workspace tidy
  • Aids with healthy posture as you can put your monitor in an ergonomic viewing position
  • Reduce eye pain, strain and discomfort common when a monitor is in the incorrect position
  • Compact and sleek designs to suit a modern workplace office
  • Reduce hazards with cable management
  • Ability to attach multiple monitors for more screen space and improved productivity

How Does a Monitor Mount Work?

 Monitor mounts allow you to attach your computer monitor to an extendable arm. This means you can work across multiple screens and position your monitors in the exact right spot. Monitor arms are easy to install and can be attached to the edge of the desk with either a desk clamp mount or with a grommet mount.

Once installed correctly, your monitor should move up and down easily and stay in place when adjusted.

How Is a Single Monitor Arm Different to a Multiple Monitor Arm?

As the name suggests, the single monitor arm supports only one display screen, whereas a multiple monitor arm system can be used to support 2, 3, 4, 5, and even 6 monitors. 

Do Monitor Arms Fit All Monitors?

There are a few different types of monitor arms available, equipped to mount a wide range of monitor sizes. Most monitor arms are designed to support monitors up to 27”. Weight capacity can vary. If you have a larger monitor, an arm such as the Humanscale M8.1 Single Monitor Arm holds heavy monitors up to 12kg. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more affordable option, the Adtec Single Monitor Arm can hold computer screens up to 8kg and an extra arm can be added if required.

Ergotron has a guide if you are unsure what mounting solution is best for you. Find it here.

Where Do I Mount My Monitor Arm? Can I Only Attach it to My Desk?

The monitor arm can be attached to either your desk or other furniture. It can be attached using a clamp mount or a grommet mount. Your monitor arm will come with a set of installation instructions.

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