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Visitor Chairs and Waiting Room Chairs

Choosing stylish and comfortable visitor chairs and waiting room chairs with strong ergonomic support lets visitors and employees know they are valuable. Over the years, these chairs have been revisited and designed to suit conference rooms, waiting areas, receptions, and lounges in terms of comfort and ergonomic support. Instead of disregarding the importance of choosing an appropriate chair, consider the aesthetics of the place and find the right ones - this will demonstrate your company cares about its environment and the people who move in it.

Finding the right visitor and conference chair to suit the style of your business is a simple and effective way to make a long-lasting impression on people. Reception and waiting room chairs come in various configurations, including material options, sizes, colours, and arms.

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Waiting Room Chairs FAQs

What should I consider before buying visitor chairs?

When it comes to seating, comfort is still the goal. However, there are other things to consider, such as:

  • Accessibility

Consider the available space in the reception waiting area to locate the chairs. It is essential to assess the place and its dimensions in detail and know the flow of visitors to ensure you get an accurate number of chairs to accommodate your visitors throughout the day.

  • Flow and Waiting Time

Depending on the type of service your business provides, the flow of visitors and average waiting time will vary significantly. If visitors spend a fair bit of time in the waiting room, consider investing in comfortable seating that supports their posture, back, and neck. On the contrary, for businesses with a high flow of people who don’t spend much time there, it might be worth looking into multiple seating options that maximise the available space in the waiting room.

  • Brand and Interior Design

Although it is not a major consideration, ensure the elements in your office and visitor spaces are cohesive. Some offices are designed and styled with specific brand guidelines in mind, meaning that visitor chairs should fit the space and not stand out as odd pieces.

What are the common styles and options of room chairs used in waiting rooms?

  • Freestanding Chairs

The standard seating options are often referred to as side chairs. They are designed with four legs for stability and may come with or without arms. Similar chair styles include bariatric chairs and tandem seating.

  • Sofas

These are commercial-grade couches available in various configurations, with the typical accommodation of three average-sized people. They are plush and commonly used in a lounge-type setting where visitors may be seated for longer periods. Loveseats also fall under this category.

  • Benches

Similar to sofas, these can seat multiple people in one area, although they are often not as plush. They also usually have a lower profile and typically do not have a back or arms. Single-user benches such as ottomans borrow part of their design from benches, although they often have shorter legs and better upholstery.

What are some special features of visitor chairs?

Depending on the brand and style of the waiting room chairs you choose, they may have one or more of the following features: 

  • Motion-back chairs

Some visitor chairs have a backrest that allows the user to move or recline the chair to suit their preference. This provides additional comfort during extended sitting periods.

  • Mobile chairs

Some waiting room chairs can have two or four wheels for easy movement and repositioning. The wheels are often fixed, but some brands engineer the wheels to be removable.

  • Arms

Although visitor chairs commonly come without arms, some designs incorporate them to provide visitors with additional support. Do note that visitor chairs with arms take up more space because they cannot be placed too closely with each other in the room.

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