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Tablet Stands & Tablet Holders

A tablet and/or iPad is a perfect device for home or office use. Their compact design gives you the freedom to work from a variety of places. But, using a tablet can often leave you with muscle pain or tension from looking down at the screen for long periods of time. By raising your tablet to a more comfortable height with a tablet holder, you can provide relief to muscle pain for a cost-effective price. Using a stand can also provide you with more desk space whilst giving your home or office a more professional appearance.

Our tablet holders come from trusted ergonomic manufacturers who pride themselves on quality products. If you want to try out a stand with your tablet or iPad before buying, feel free to visit our Perth showroom. You can buy online knowing our shipping can reach you anywhere in Australia.

About Tablet Stands

Tablets are a great addition to the home or workplace because of the many advantages they provide. They’re light and portable, more affordable than a laptop, they start up instantly, and are great for giving presentations. With so many reasons to use a tablet, it’s important that you have the appropriate tablet stand accessories to keep you working more productively and more comfortably for longer periods of time.

Tablet Holder FAQs

What are some benefits of using a tablet stand?

A tablet stand lets you work hands-free

A tablet stands eliminates the need for you to hold your tablet. This leaves your hands free to multi-task and complete other work-related tasks more efficiently. You will have increased comfort without the strain of holding a tablet at different heights while you work.

Increased portability

Some tablet stands don’t require any cables, clamps or bulky attachments - simply set it up on your desk and away you go. This makes it incredibly easy to work seamlessly across a variety of workstations without having to compromise comfort or productivity.

You get to pick a position that suits your comfort needs

When using a universal tablet stand, you no longer need to cause strain on your neck and spine by continually looking down at the tablet on your desk. A universal tablet stand lets you position your tablet comfortably at your desired height. This will instantly provide relief of nagging muscle pains.

Where should I position my tablet / iPad?

You should try to position your tablet so it mimics the display of your computer screen. The idea is to position the tablet so the screen is just below your eye level - similar to that of a computer screen. The tablet should also be approximately an arms length away from your body to help reduce eye strain. With the correct positioning of your tablet stand, you should be able to quickly eradicate any pains or strains caused from slouching over or looking down at your tablet for long periods of time.

Are tablet stands expensive?

There are different types of tablet stands available - some more expensive than others, built in different materials including aluminium, wood, metal, and more. But you don’t need to blow the office budget on a new tablet stand. The Cicada Laptop Raise (can also be used with a tablet) is a great ergonomic device under $50.00 that can raise your tablet and provide you with added comfort. This is a great device that provides a bunch of benefits for such a small price. This device will help restrict the movements of your neck, while also raising your tablet from your desk and providing more desk space.

If you’re after a tablet stand with more features, the price can increase. The Ergo Q2 laptop stand is our most expensive tablet stand ($279.95). This stand can also be used as a document holder and can also hold laptops or notebooks up to 15”. We stock a range of tablet stands and believe there is a tablet stand for everyone, regardless of your budget.

We sell tablet stands from trusted ergonomic manufacturers who pride themselves on quality products. If you want to try out a tablet stand before buying, feel free to visit our Perth showroom. Buy online knowing that we can ship it to you anywhere in Australia.

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