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Keyboard Trays and Keyboard Supports

Our range of keyboard trays and supports are designed to improve your comfort during your computer use and help declutter your workstation. The tray help with your productivity as it frees up your desk with more space. A keyboard tray is easily installed by attaching underneath the desk with a clamp.

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About Keyboard Trays & Supports

Do I need keyboard tray?

A keyboard tray isn’t necessary for everyone, but it’s highly recommended for office workers who work in a busy environment. An under desk keyboard tray frees up your desk for important documents, and other electronic devices. It also streamlines your work station by allowing you to easily store your keyboard on the platform under your desk when it’s not being used.

The Ergotron Neoflex Keyboard Support is a great example of an ergonomic keyboard support that can quickly extend and detract from underneath your desk. An under desk keyboard tray is also recommended if your workstation is small and you don’t have a lot of desk space for other tasks.

Keyboard Supports and Trays FAQs

What are some benefits of using an ergonomic keyboard tray?

  1. A keyboard tray or keyboard support keeps your body aligned in a comfortable, neutral position without stretching out your arms over the corner of the desk. The less time your arms spend stretched out, the less chance you have of developing muscle aches and pain.
  2. The ergonomic design allows your arms to rest on your lap, which improves your comfort, provides wrist support and reduces pain during long hours of computer use.
  3. Keyboard trays and supports offer a range of adjustment options so you can find a position that best suits your needs. You can raise or lower the support, or tilt it at an angle that feels comfortable for you.
  4. The keyboard tray also acts as a solid device that can be used as a data-entry platform.
  5. Keyboard trays free up desk space, making them a great option in smaller home or workplace offices. 

How should I position my wrists when using a keyboard tray?

Your hands should be similarly positioned as if you were normally using a keyboard. A keyboard tray is only designed to provide an additional work space with extra adjustable options, your hand positioning should not be affected. The main thing to focus on is keeping your hands in a neutral, relaxed position. If your hands are aching or getting sore after long periods of keyboard use, you might need to use a wrist support. A wrist support keeps your hands raised off the hard table and helps to keep your hands hovering just above your keyboard in a comfortable position.

What are some tips to remember when using a keyboard tray?

If you work in an office job that requires heavy computer use, your hands and wrists can become tired by the end of the day. We’ve compiled a few easy tips that will help you comfortably work at your keyboard for longer periods of time:

  1. Make sure your feet are positioned properly on the floor to provide you with good balance. Sitting on one leg, or slouching in your chair can drastically affect your posture and overall comfort.
  2. Keep the centre of your body aligned with the “H” key and correctly position your elbows to the side.
  3. Ensure you are sitting up straight in your office chair and that your keyboard is comfortably positioned away from your body (between 40 - 60cm).
  4. Try to relax your hands when possible. If you’re not typing, rest your hands on the sides of the keyboard and make sure you aren’t keeping them tense.
  5. Try not to use a laptop keyboard. These keyboards are often reduced in size and make it difficult for your hands to be kept in a neutral position. Laptop keyboards also make your wrists turn in more than they should, which can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. If you have to use a laptop for work, we recommend using an external keyboard.

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