Ergonomic Product Overview

We offer a run-through of Ergonomic Products to industry professionals, & curious minds, as part of professional development.

What Are The Benefits Of An Ergonomic Product Overview?

Our aim is to develop a greater understanding of ergonomic equipment & options so that

  • The recovery from, or prevention of injury, is most effective - in body, mind & finances.
  • There is increased confidence in identifying potential solutions and / or selecting correct ergonomic equipment
  • The consultant and client have a more focused & relevant conversation around requirements

Our training is very interactive and we encourage attendees to experience, touch & feel the equipment. By doing this we aim to

  • Introduce the various categories of ergonomic office products and equipment available
  • Demonstrate the features & benefits & highlight the differences between options.
  • Discuss the ergonomic benefits & features of different products.  This usually prompts chat about real life scenarios.

Our Ergonomic Product Overview is just that - focus on the equipment features & providing good technical information.  Of course pricing is important, however we will not discuss pricing unless asked.

How long does it take?

This can be tailored.  For an overview of the showroom allow approx 90 minutes, however if you wanted to focus on particular categories allow about 60 minutes per category.  These focussed sessions obviously provide far greater detail & discussion.  This is where our ergo nerd really comes out to play!

What does it cost?

Only your time & curiosity.

Where is it held?

At our Showroom

Unit 18
82 Erindale Road

When can we book?

We appreciate not everything we need to achieve fits nicely into a typical work day so we are happy to work with you - before or after trading hours, or a Saturday morning.  It only takes a chat.

Our normal trading hours are

Monday – Thursday 8.30am – 5pm

Friday 8.30am – 4pm

Closed Weekends & Public Holidays

How do I book?

To make a booking call us on 08 9240 7066 or email

While a booking allows us to expect you, please remember if you are driving past with a few minutes to spare just call in.  You are always welcome.

Can I do a refresher?

Absolutely!  Products change, options & specifications change.  Many of the best industry professionals regularly visit to see what is new & intriguing.

Keep in touch

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