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Ergonomic Support Products

Have you ever experienced pain and discomfort when using a computer or laptop? Chances are you don’t have the proper ergonomic support. Ergonomic support products can greatly decrease the pain and discomfort that often occurs from doing the same tasks over and over again

We have a range of additional ergonomic support products that can be attached to your desk or computer to help improve your comfort. These ergonomic supports include computer wrist & forearm supports, leg rests, hand supports, keyboard supports, cup holders, and more.

If you want to try out our range of ergonomic support products or speak to one of our experts for advice before buying, visit our Perth showroom. Buy online! We ship to anywhere in Australia!


Ergonomic Supports FAQs

View our answers to some of the most common questions about buying ergonomic support products. For expert, personalised advice, contact us or visit our Perth showroom.

Is Gel or Memory Foam Wrist Support Better?

A wrist support is an affordable ergonomic support device proven effective at reducing pain that often occurs from excessive computer use. If you’ve ever felt a tingly feeling in your fingers or hand, you can benefit from wrist support. A computer wrist support provides comfortable padding and helps reduce the pressure occurring from resting your hands on hard surfaces like your desk or laptop.

The most popular computer wrist supports are made from gel and memory foam, so which is better? Well, it all depends on what device you’re using. Gel wrist rests are best suited to larger keyboards or computers because the height matches the keyboard better. Memory foam wrist support is suggested for smaller devices such as laptops because they are lower in height. There's no definitive answer, as each user is different. Visit our Perth showroom and test our range of wrist rests to ensure you get the best fit. 

Can a Wrist Support Help with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a common injury among office workers who spend large amounts of time using a computer. The condition arises when a nerve in the wrist becomes under pressure or strained. This can cause the user serious pain and discomfort. 

A wrist support allows the wrist extra cushioning so it’s not resting on a hard surface all day. With the proper wrist support, Carpal Tunnel is nearly preventable. If problems do persist, visit your doctor for medical advice.

Can Footrests Help with Back Pain?

Footrests can help with several pain issues derived from extended computer use. An ergonomic support footrest raises your feet at the desirable height to increase comfort and improve ergonomic postural angles for the whole body. Footrests can have other benefits, including improved focus, enhanced energy levels, and fatigue prevention. 

Our Stretchmate footrest is designed to help users who have developed back pain from long periods of computer use. The Stretchmate Footrest can help with blood circulation, which helps reduce the chances of thrombosis by promoting healthy foot movement.

What are the Essential Ergonomic Supports I Need for my Workstation?

If you're limited to choosing one or two ergonomic supports - what should you go for? Foot support will provide greater ergonomic support than a cup holder - unless you’re continually knocking over your coffee at your desk! But if you’re looking for ergonomic support that provides the best value for money - we suggest wrist support. An ergonomic wrist support can provide comfort for hours on end and can drastically help improve your productivity. You can relax knowing that our range of wrist supports won’t break the bank either. Our affordable wrist supports range between $25 - $70.

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