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Ergonomic Support Products


Have you ever experienced pain in your wrists or forearms when using a computer or laptop? Chances are if you don’t have the proper ergonomic support, you have.

Laptops and computers haven’t exactly been designed for our comfort. The compact layout of a keyboard causes our wrists to bend inwards, while computer mice raises our hand at an unnatural angle - often causing our hand to hang off the edge of the desk.

Our ergonomic supports are developed to help eradicate those little pains and niggles that bring you discomfort.

Try our Single Forearm Support, designed to stop your arm hanging off the desk when using a mouse.

If you wish to try out our range of Ergonomic Supports before buying we welcome you to visit our Perth showroom and speak to one of our trusted experts. Or, shop online - we can deliver anywhere in Australia.

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