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Waterproof Mouse

Sanitation and hygiene in hospitals and other healthcare settings, industrial environments and food and beverage industries is a top priority. Any piece of equipment that's used in these industries such as hospitals must be disinfected and cleaned regularly to avoid the build up of bacteria and the transmission of pathogens. This equipment especially includes your computer, keyboard and mouse - places of high traffic between different users, meaning a higher risk of bacterial build up and a possible source of healthcare-associated infections (HAI's).

A waterproof mouse and waterproof keyboard help to reduce cross contamination because their durable and waterproof design means they can be fully sanitised and disinfected regularly. Shop our range of USB and wireless waterproof mice online, we ship to anywhere in Australia! You can also visit our Perth showroom or speak to one of our ergonomic experts by giving us a call.

Waterproof Mice FAQs

Is a medical mouse waterproof?

Yes, most medical grade mice are waterproof, slim, durable and sometimes made of silicone so that they can be fully sanitised regularly. This means they can be sprayed, wiped and washed with soap and disinfectant when needed.

Are there medical keyboards and other waterproof products for computers available?

We have a great range of washable keyboards and other accessories that are also completely waterproof and suitable for hospitals and other work environments.

How do you properly clean and disinfect a medical mouse?

Cleaning and disinfecting your waterproof mouse and other products, including computers is vital for avoiding any pathogen transmission and build up of bacteria. Please read our cleaning and disinfecting instructions carefully to ensure a safe and hygienic work environment.

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