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FYI - The links & references used by Ergolink are for general information only & should be used as a Guide Only.  Your situation & requirements are yours alone & may require further investigation & alternative solutions to the very general information provided.  If you are dealing with a specific injury, recovery or requirement, we will always recommend you consult with your workplace and / or healthcare team.


What is a Compact Keyboard?

In ergonomics a compact keyboard is a keyboard where the number pad has been removed, reducing the horizontal footprint, which results in a keyboard of about 80 keys instead of the usual 104 keys.  This allows the mouse to be moved closer to the keyboard, reducing reach and positioning hands & arms instead the users ‘comfort zone’. A typical example

But I need the number keypad for my work?

A numeric keypad is a separate component that can be positioned in the correct or most comfortable position for your needs  It can also be removed from the work zone when not required.  An example

What does Corded or Wired connection mean?

Corded or Wired connection means your devices are connected by cables - a physical connection.  Most commonly via USB cable to USB port.

Cordless or Wireless connection is a radio wave connection.  In ergonomic devices most commonly via USB dongle or Bluetooth.

What is the difference between Cordless (Wireless) & Bluetooth connectivity? 

Bluetooth is a form of wireless technology, but not all wireless technology is Bluetooth. 

Bluetooth connection requires the device you are connecting to be Bluetooth compatible.  It is a ‘built in’ technology & is relatively common in new model laptops, phones, headsets, tvs, keyboards or mice.  Connection is also referred to a ‘pairing devices’

Wireless connection requires a USB dongle & the use of USB Port.  Wireless connection is possible with any device supporting USB ports.

What if I'm running out of USB Ports to plug my equipment into?

A simple & cost effective solution is a USB Hub, which is an adapter that expands a single existing port to multiple ports.  Some USB Hubs are 'powered' so have a mains AC plug.  These allow independent charge of all plugged in devices at the same time.  Unpowered hubs will plug directly into your computer or laptop & draw power from the USB port they're plugged into.  More Information

I’ve lost the USB Dongle for my wireless device.  Can I get a replacement?

It will be dependent on the manufacturer & the type of USB dongle.  Dongles are generally ‘paired’ to a device so if a replacement USB is able to be sourced a re-pair procedure may be required.

How do I re-pair my Evoluent Mouse to its USB dongle?

On Version 4 (V4) and D Series models

  1. Press and hold the top thumb button.
  2. Turn on the power switch. The lights will flash on, off, and on again.
  3. Quickly insert the receiver into a USB port. The lights will flash twice when pairing is successful.
  4. Release the thumb button.

Or consult www.evoluent.com/support/

My mouse isn't recharging. What do I do now?

Firstly check & correct where you can

  • Is the recharge cable connected directly to the computer? USB hubs, peripheral, splitters and other indirect connections can reduce/impact performance.
  • Try a using a different USB port.
  • Are there any harsh kinks, twists or bends in the charging cable? 
  • If available, try charging via a different charging cable. Many devices have either a mini or micro USB charging port and can use other charging cables.
  • Is the issue replicated on other computers?

If these steps are unsuccessful please lodge your inquiry here

How do I find out what size my monitor or screen is?

Using a tape measure start at a corner & pull the tape diagonally across the screen.  Only measure the actual screen, do not include frames or bezels. 

Some screens may identify size with a code on the frame or bezel eg.  PE2210

Or refer to the user guide or internet search the Brand & Model Specifications

Can I use Monitor Arms with my computer monitor?

If your monitor is VESA compatible, yes you could use a monitor arm to raise your screen.  Visually you may be able to tell VESA Compatibly by the uniform screw pattern on the back of the monitor.  Most commonly the spacings are 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm square patterns.  On larger monitors the pattern may be 100mm x 200mm or 200mm x 200mm.  Some of these patterns may be utilised by the monitor stand or covered by the stand.

Otherwise with the Brand & Model of the monitor do a Specifications check.  Handy Link - Ergotron Quick Finder



How do I relocate my Height Adjustable Desk?

Best practise is to remove all equipment & low hanging attachments eg. CPU holders, then lower the desk to its lowest height and unplug from power source.  Employ safe & effective lifting techniques as appropriate.  When the desk has been relocated & reconnected to power, undertake a re-set before setting up your workstation.

Most straight desks can be moved as a complete unit, however L-Shaped desk may need to be completing disassembled for a safer & less ackward relocation.



What does Dual Density Seat Technology mean?

Dual Density features firmer foam in the front half of the seat and softer foam in the back half.  The pelvis gently ‘sinks’ and is supported in the softer section in the correct seating position at the back of the chair.  Firmer foam at the front discourages the pelvis from sliding forward into the slouching “C” curve of poor posture.  Moulded foam also encourages and improves blood circulation behind the thighs.

With added height adjustable lumbar support the spine is maintained in the healthy, upright “S” curve of good posture which also creates less stress on the arms, shoulders and neck throughout the day. - The Original Back Story

How do I Adjust my Ergonomic 3 Lever Chair?

Click here for video instructions

Click here for a quick guide

How I adjust the height of my chair back rest?

On a stepped Ratchet Height Adjustable Back, while seated reach behind you & place a hand on either side of the underside of the back rest.  Gently lift until you hear a click.  The back rest will continue to ‘step’ up through 6 – 8 height intervals.  Stop when you reach your preferred position.  When the ratchet has reached its highest point, it will loosen & reset (fall).  To fully reset gently push down on the back rest from the top.

On a hand wheel Height Adjustable Back, rotate the handwheel until loosened.  Lift the chair back to your preferred position & rotate the dial until tightened.  Be careful not to over tighten.  This adjustment is more easily achieved with 2 people.

What is a 3 Lever chair mechanism?

The 3 Lever Ergo Mechanism is a simple and precise mechanism that has independent operations that are aimed to give the user complete control of their chair.  This style of mechanism is found on most entry level task chairs through to intensive seating ranges.  It is still consider industry standard in Australia.

3 Lever refers to the 3 basic operations that consist of the following:
1. Seat Height
2. Back Angle
3. Seat Tilt

In some cases, a seat slide may be added to the mechanism that will allow the user to adjust the depth of their seat.

What is a seat slide?

A component added to or inbuilt to the chair mechanism that allows the seat to slide forward or backward to adjust seat depth.  This can add upto 50mm of seat depth.  It is a great future proof & flexibility consideration when dealing with multiple users or growing children.

What is Synchro (Synchronised) chair mechanism?

Movement of the seat and back is synchronised, so both move together in increments of 2° (back movement) to 1° (seat movement). A synchro mech should also feature tension control and seat height adjustments.

What does ‘Weight Rating’ refer to in relation to chairs?

When a chair is Weight rated it means it is designed for continuous use by users up to that weight limit.  Please ensure your chair has been tested & certified by a recognised accreditation organisation.

What is ‘AFRDI’ Rating?

The Australasian Furnishing Research and Development Institute (AFRDI) is an independent not-for-profit technical organisation providing standards, testing, product certification and research for buyers and sellers of furniture.

The purpose of testing and certification is to ensure that products are not only safe, but that they will last, thus contributing to sustainability, and minimising use of the earth’s resources.

See categories & certifications here



I work in the industry. How can I learn more about ergonomic equipment?

Ergolink offers Product Training sessions. This link provides more information - https://www.ergolink.com.au/expertise/product-training