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Monitor Stands & Monitor Risers

Monitor stands and monitor risers help you lift your monitor to a height that is most comfortable for you and save desk space, at the same time. Browse our online store to find a monitor riser best suited for your work space.

Monitor stands are a great ergonomic feature that can help to free up desk space while also positioning your monitor at the most comfortable height for your eyes. No matter what your work environment is, you will be sure to find the monitor stand that fits your desk space perfectly. We stock a variety of monitor stands suitable for computers and laptops.

Monitor Stands FAQs

What are monitor stands?

More than accessories, these ergonomic devices are designed to support a single monitor, and increase the comfort and productivity of your work station. Whether you are at home or in the office, these stands are also great at creating more desk space as it keeps your monitor elevated off your desk. The Fellowes Office Suites Premium Monitor Riser is the perfect monitor riser for a standard workspace. This riser comes with built-in storage that allows you to keep your desk tidy at all times. Some of the features include a sliding drawer, a coffee cup holder and a document storage compartment.

What is the correct way to position a monitor riser?

Having your computer monitor positioned incorrectly can lead to many problems including poor posture and reduced productivity. Most computers and laptops aren’t designed to sit at the optimal eye height which may cause discomfort. This discomfort can quickly be eradicated with the use of a monitor stand. The correct way for your monitor stand to be positioned is directly in front of you so your head doesn’t need to turn or twist.

How far away should you be from a computer monitor?

The safest distance that you should be sitting away from your computer monitor is an arm’s distance, typically between 50 - 100 cm. This allows you to see all of the screen without having to turn your head or squint your eyes.

If you work in a cramped work environment and have limited desk space, you can either increase or decrease the size of your font on your computer screen. The Fellowes Smart Suites Corner Monitor Riser is an ergonomic riser perfectly suited for people working in small spaces. The device has been designed to fit perfectly into the corner of a desk space.

Is it better to look up at a monitor or down?

According to research, you should be looking down at a slight angle to your computer screen. The best way to find this angle is to position your eye level about 2 inches above the top of your computer monitor. You will have to play around with this position until you find the right angle for you. Every user has different needs; a monitor mount that's too low can cause a strain on your neck, and one that's too high can cause discomfort in your back or lower part of your neck.

Do monitor stands help with sun glare?

Monitor risers can help with sun glare on your computer screen - a common problem for office workers. Risers give you greater control of the positioning of your monitor and reduces the angle required to look down at the screen. Monitor risers will not completely get rid of sun glare, so it’s important to position your screen away from the sun to create the best work environment for your computer.

If you want to try our devices before you buy one for your home or office, feel free to come in and test our ergonomic stands/risers at the Perth showroom - the level of comfort you'll experience will blow you away!

You can also speak to one of our experts or contact us online if you need assistance with your purchase. Otherwise, shop online and enjoy the convenience of delivery anywhere in Australia.

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