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Ergonomic Office Stools

Ergonomic stools are perfect for the office if you experience a lack of energy, poor posture, or work in a collaborative work environment. Unlike ergonomic chairs, ergonomic stools encourage active sitting and improved posture while allowing you to move around the office freely with a piece of lightweight and easy-to-move furniture. Many of our stools are designed to mimic the ‘saddle’ position because of the posture support this position can provide.

If you regularly have team members join you at your desk to discuss projects, then an ergonomic stool could be what you need to improve the health and well-being of the office. If you want to try before you buy, feel free to come and test our range of ergonomic office stools at our Perth showroom. They come in various materials and colours, from black vinyl to blue fabric. You can also speak to one of our experts to help you decide. Otherwise, shop online and enjoy the convenience of delivery anywhere in Australia.

Office Stools FAQs

What are ergonomic stools and some of their features?

When choosing the adequate ergonomic stool for your home or office, there are a few key features that you should look out for:

  • Weighted Base Stool

You want to ensure your ergonomic stool has a strong base so it doesn’t slide around while working.

  • Height Adjustable Gas Lift

Ensure you can alter the stool's height to provide you with as much flexibility in the workplace as possible. A stool with a gas lift feature is perfect for quick and easy adjusting.

  • Easy to Move Around

You want to be able to move quickly around the office. Ergonomic stools are great for doing so - to a co-worker's desk for collaboration or to bring into a work meeting.

How do you turn a regular desk into a sit-stand desk?

When using an ergonomic office stool, a taller workstation that matches the height of the stool is required. The perfect way to match your stool height is to turn your regular desk into a standing desk. The Ergotron Workfit Corner Sit Stand Desk Converter uses a gas strut that lets you quickly change from sitting to standing. Alternatively, the Encore Electric Sit Stand Desk Converter uses a hidden motor to lower and raise the desk to suit your height requirement. Sit-stand desk converters don’t require physical exertion to change the desk's height, making it the perfect device for anyone seeking more comfort in the workplace.

Are saddle stools better for posture than chairs?

Although chairs, including more ergonomic chair brands such as Gregory, can support a comfortable sitting position through the back, neck, and arms, it's very common to slouch in them. Saddle office stools were ergonomically designed to improve your posture and eliminate back pain. A saddle stool or saddle seat helps to set your back in an upright position while your thighs rest in a downward position. This positioning assists your lower back to remain in a neutral position and helps your spine rest in the ideal “s” position. Saddle stools are ideal for workers who have experienced lower back pain from a lack of active sitting during long office hours.

What can saddle seat stools be used for?

Saddle stools are used for a variety of purposes:

  • Office work

As we continue to spend more and more time sitting at our computers than ever before, the need for proper ergonomic support for our backs has never been greater. Saddle stools are suitable for any office environment. The portable and lightweight design makes them great for moving around the office quickly - ideal for collaborative work settings. If you work with a sit/stand desk, the Ergo Saddle Stool By Sit Stand Step can be raised or lowered to match the height of your desk.

  • Laboratory

Saddle stools are a piece of supporting furniture for workers in science labs and hospitals where employees are on their feet for extensive hours but require raised seating at times. The Symphony Split Seat Saddle was designed for doctors and nurses in laboratories and the health industries. The stool allows for both flexibility and support so the user can sit closer to their patients while keeping their back and body in an upright, ergonomic position.

  • Security work

Ergonomic Saddle Stools are also ideal for security work. Although security guards are required to be quick on their feet, standing up all day in the same spot can lead to back and foot pain. Saddle stools such as the Melody Saddle Stool can provide correct back support for security guards while giving them the option to sit at a raised height for a fast response.

What is active sitting?

Active sitting, otherwise called dynamic sitting, is an ergonomic feature that allows the user to keep their core muscles engaged while sitting down, taking pressure off their lower back. Sit-stand balance stools like the Pergo Wave Sit Stand Stool allow for dynamic seating and better posture as the user is leaning on the stool at an angle while still supporting their weight. This means you are keeping your core and leg muscles active (rather than slumping into your chair) while being able to move freely. These stools are a great option to use with sit-stand desks.

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