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Meeting Tables

Many businesses need a place where staff and clients can gather to brainstorm ideas, collaborate on projects, and discuss challenges effectively. Meeting tables, conference room tables or boardroom tables are unlike a standard desk because they can provide the perfect spot for this exchange to happen in the office. Meeting tables are also a great addition to communal and creative work spaces to facilitate communication and collaboration, or even in break rooms for staff members to chat over lunch.

The right meeting table product for your office space is key to boosting productivity. Meeting tables have to be stylish, fit within a room well, allow for the right style of collaboration and should also be ergonomic.

As ergonomic specialists in office furniture and accessories, we have a wide selection of tables suitable for meeting rooms, reception areas or break rooms. If you're unsure about what kind of product would fit well in your office or workstations, or wish to try out our range of meeting tables before buying we welcome you to visit our Perth showroom and speak to one of our trusted experts. Or, shop online - we can deliver anywhere in Australia.

Meeting Table FAQs

What is the purpose of meeting tables?

There are a variety of purposes for meeting tables. They can be used in many different spaces in and around the office. For example, in the reception, in a break room for employees to eat lunch together, in collaborative work spaces and in formal conference or boardrooms. Meeting tables are essential for businesses, to allow people to come together during presentations or to communicate and collaborate on ideas, projects, challenges and executive decisions. In comparison, desk workstations are very limiting in the amount of collaboration they allow due to their size and shape.

What do I need to think about when choosing the right meeting table for the office?

The type of meeting table you should purchase is dependent on your specific office space and business needs. Besides colour and materials, here are a few key factors to consider when choosing the right meeting table:


The ideal size of the table depends on the size of the room and how many people can be seated around it. It's important to leave enough space around the perimeter of the table for chairs, people to move around and any other furniture which will be in the room.


There are many different shapes to choose from, all have their own functionalities and aesthetic. Some of the most common tables are round, ideal for smaller rooms and common areas; square for larger spaces and to align together to make bigger tables; and a rectangular table for medium to larger conference rooms.

Adjustability and mobility

Depending on the use of the table, you may want to consider if it's height adjustable or has wheels. With these features, you can adjust the height to suit the chairs and task at hand, move it between spaces or join other meeting tables and desks.

Storage and cable management

Some meeting tables come with storage capabilities as well as cable management to plug in various chargers and other communication accessories without causing a trip hazard with cables.

How do I know how many office chairs can fit around the tables?

As a general rule of thumb when trying to find the perfect sized meeting table for the number chairs, the length of the table measurement in feet is the same number of people the table can accommodate. For example, a table 10 feet long can fit about 10 people around it. However, it's still best to measure the custom dimensions of the chairs in comparison to the table you are thinking of purchasing to make sure it fits just right.

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