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Portable Standing Desks

Work how you want, where you want, with an alternative to sitting all day. If you’re someone who never works in one place, then a portable standing desk is a great option. Our portable stand workstations have four-wheel casters so they can easily be moved around the office. The lock brakes attach to the wheels, so you know your equipment is always secure. The desks are also height adjustable so you can alternate between sitting and standing.

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Portable Standing Desks FAQs

Features of a Portable Standing Desk

When it comes to choosing your portable desk, there are a few different options available. Portable standing desks such as the Ergotron TeachWell Mobile Workstation Cart, feature a separate lower keyboard platform for a clean and tidy workplace. If you’re looking for a portable standing desk with a monitor arm, then the Ergotron Neo-Flex LCD Cart is your best option. The monitor arm is adjustable and pans side-to-side for better viewing comfort and easy data input.

Key features of portable workstations include:

  • Four casters with lock brakes on front wheels
  • Height adjustable option
  • Easy gas or electric assisted controls
  • Large work area
  • Easy to clean exterior
  • Stylish and modern design

How to choose the right adjustable sit stand desk

When it comes to choosing the right standing desk, you’ll need to consider the type of set-up and work you’ll be doing. The great thing about portable & adjustable standing desks is that they can be used if you’re using a laptop only, or if you have a keyboard and a monitor. If you require two monitors, then you may require a larger convert desk or a standard sit stand desk.

We've written a comprehensive standing desk buyer’s guide to help you make the right choice. Take a look at our Standing Desk Buyers Guide Part 1 – What Type of Desk Do You Need? and Standing Desk Buyers Guide Part 2 – Comparing Electric Sit-Stand Desks.

What are the benefits of uplifter & portable standing desks?

The portability feature gives you more flexibility to work how you like. One key benefit of sit-stand desks is the option of working in a standing position, which has shown to be better for posture, comfort and overall health as you keep your muscles active throughout the day. This also gives you better back support as you are no longer slouching over your desk.

Some other key benefits of using a mobile standing desk include:

  • Four-wheel casters mean the desk can be easily moved around the office.
  • Lock brakes attached to the wheels to secure equipment.
  • Space saving makes it a great option for office or home use as it can be put away when not in use.
  • Improved workflow and productivity with flexibility to work sitting or standing.

Who should be using portable standing desks?

A portable and adjustable standing desk is a great choice for offices, trade shows, universities, retail stores, schools, or at home use.

Students and teachers often use portable desks due to the flexibility to move it around in a workshop setting and benefiting from height adjustable standing. The mobile workstation can be pushed through doors and hallways with ease, making it perfect for shared learning environments and the ability to share resources across multiple rooms. The height adjustable option means both students and teachers can fit the desk to their ideal height.

Portable desks are also ideal for manufacturing floors, labs, and high activity areas where the workplace layout can quickly change.

A mobile sit stand desk is also a great option for modern open plan offices and home use, due to the space saving ability and added health benefits of working standing up.

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