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Laptop Stands & Laptop Risers

Our range of laptop stands are designed to reduce muscle tension and improve your work productivity. They are a compact, portable device that can increase your comfort during extended periods of laptop use.

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Laptop Stands FAQs

Why Use a Laptop Stand?

A stand is the perfect ergonomic device to help improve your posture in the workplace. Although laptops are extremely portable, they aren’t the most ergonomically designed device. Their compact design leaves the screen sitting well below our eye-level. This can lead to muscle strain, eye-strain and poor productivity in the workplace due to uncomfortable conditions. Our range of stands accommodate any type of laptop or notebook.

If you are using a split screen monitor with your laptop, a stand is a fantastic way to have both screens at the same height to help improve workflow. We sell stands for laptops from trusted ergonomic manufacturers including Humanscale and Vari-Desk.

If you want to try out a laptop stand before buying, feel free to visit our Perth showroom. Buy online knowing that we can ship it to you anywhere in Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying a Laptop Stand

Are laptops bad for posture?

Have you ever heard of the term HOLS? It stands for “hunched over laptop syndrome”. Laptops have been designed for portability, not for comfort. The compact design of laptops can cause a slew of posture and comfort problems that are being heavily experienced in the workplace. According to research conducted by Fellowes, 79% of British workers claim that using a laptop, notebook or other mobile devices is causing them sickness and illnesses in the workplace. One way you can improve your posture when using a laptop is to make sure the screen is at eye-level. This causes less strain on your neck and can also reduce eye strain.

What is a laptop stand used for?

An adjustable laptop stand is designed to raise the height of your device and offer you better ergonomic support. A typical laptop usually sits anywhere between 15 - 35cm below your eye level - depending on your height and the size of your laptop, and this causes your neck to hang forward in an uncomfortable position for hours on end. Opting for an ergonomic laptop riser with additional ergonomic accessories, like a keyboard and a mouse, can improve your workstation significantly, and improve your productivity and comfort.

A stand is also a great way to increase your laptop's airflow. Some laptops have air vents that are located on the bottom of the device, and by raising the laptop off a flat surface, the airflow between the hardware can be improved - this comes in handy if you’re using an older laptop that is prone to overheating.

How can I improve my posture while using a laptop?

There are a few other things you can do to minimise injuries and discomfort when using a laptop:

Don’t use your laptop on your lap

When possible, make sure you are using your laptop on a flat desk - even at home. Using it while sitting down on the couch will quickly cause neck pain and many other possible injuries.

Use an ergonomic mouse and keyboard

When using a laptop, your wrists and elbows are positioned in a very uncomfortable position. By using desk accessories, such as an external ergonomic mouse and keyboard, you can better position your work area to suit your body size and comfort requirements.

Use an additional monitor

If you use an additional computer monitor, use a monitor riser to get the screen at your exact eye-level..

What are the benefits of using a laptop stand?

Besides increased comfort and support, a laptop stand can help with:

Sun glare

With a laptop stand, you can position your screen to reduce sun glare at certain times of the day. The Ergo Q2 comes with a range of angle options (4.3” - 9.4”) so you can adjust the position of your screen as you get the afternoon sun intruding your workstation - whether you are at home or in the office.

A messy desk 

Many of our stands come with document holders or organisers that can help free your desk of any clutter.

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