Evoluent Compact Wired Keyboard

  • Evoluent Compact Wired Keyboard 11CE (EKB)

    The Evoluent Compact WIRED Keyboard delivers all the key components of a standard keyboard without wasting any desk space.

    The number pad on a standard keyboard causes the mouse to sit too far out from the keyboard, often causing pain and discomfort. The Evoluent Compact Keyboard allows your mouse to be closer to the keyboard and allows for a more comfortable user experience.

    For a CORDLESS / WIRELESS Keyboard option, please see our range of Wireless Keyboards

    Evoluent Compact Wired Keyboard

    The innovative design uses ‘hotkeys’.  Hotkeys allow for one-touch operations for commands including undo, cut, copy, paste, mute, volume up, volume down, sleep and turn off.  Unlike most other compact keyboards, these actions don’t require you to press the function key to issue a command, allowing for a seamless operating experience.

    Small tactile bumps on selected keys help to encourage touch typing.  This is perfect for administrative duties or data entry that require extensive keyboard use. 

    For CORDLESS / WIRELESS Keyboard options, please see our range at Wireless Keyboards



    • No number pad allows the mouse to be closer to keyboard
    • Full-size arrow and F1 - F12 keys
    • Twelve one-touch hotkeys
    • No function key required
    • Tactile bumps for touch typing
    • Low profile for added comfort
    • High-quality scissor tools
    • Plug and Play (no driver required)

    ***   Wireless Version ceased production in January 2020 ***


    Evoluent Compact Keyboard Brochure


    Size 327mm w x 170mm 
    Height 17mm
    Weight 405gm    

    System Requirements: 

    USB Port

    No Driver Necessary

    All Windows operating systems

    Mac: Compatible except hotkeys

    Linux: Compatible except hotkeys

    Unix: Compatible except hotkeys

    Manufacturer Code EKB




    12 Months

    $135.00 (inc GST)