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Ergonomic Mouse & Computer Mice

An ergonomic mouse can reduce muscle cramping and soreness by offering a variety of hand positions - ideal for people who use a computer mouse for prolonged periods.

We recommend the Humanscale Razor Pro click ergonomic mouse with 8 programmable buttons for efficient, extended control. The Contour unimouse vertical mouse and Evoluent’s vertical ergonomic mouse range are our best-selling mice.

If you want to try an ergonomic mouse for yourself, come into our Perth showroom and speak to one of our experts to find the best ergonomic mouse for your needs. Or, shop online - we deliver anywhere in Australia!

Ergonomic Mice FAQs

The right ergonomic mouse can be helpful for people who are rehabilitating an injury. Traditional mice can have poor ergonomics, causing your wrist to move and rotate in an unnatural position as you move the cursor which, in the long term, could cause repetitive strain injuries (RSI) to your wrists and other joints. Ergonomic or vertical mice are often used to reduce carpal tunnel symptoms and help people work better.

An ergonomic mouse can help you feel more comfortable at work because they place your hand and arm in a more natural position, which may help reduce pain. As we continue to spend more and more time on our computers and laptops, it’s never been more important to have an ergonomic mouse and pay attention to good ergonomics. Choose from Bluetooth, wireless, and USB-wired mice. 

How to buy the right ergonomic mouse?

Choose your best ergonomic mouse from our huge range (below) and consider other controllers - e.g. an ergonomic trackball, a vertical mouse, the contour roller mouse or the Handshoe ergonomic mouse. An ergonomic mouse allows for greater freedom for the user - you can choose from left and right-handed options. Choose how you want to connect the mouse to your computer between wired and wireless Bluetooth mice. Cord, no cord, Windows, Mac, there are many choices!

What is an ergonomic mouse?

Ergonomic mice can be used like any other computer mouse. A regular computer mouse keeps your hand twisted in an unnatural position. Whereas, an ergo mouse lets your hand rest in different positions throughout your computer use. 

Popular mice we recommend

Evoluent is one of the most popular manufacturers of ergonomic and vertical mice. The Evoluent V4 Vertical Mouse positions your hand vertically which helps to get rid of any painful wrist twisting. 

Other ergonomic devices

For people with injuries who can’t use an ergonomic mouse, there are other devices like trackballs and roller mice. Using the correct ergonomic device could help with injuries including carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and repetitive strain injuries (RSI).

What are the benefits of using an ergonomic mouse?

Ergonomic mice have many benefits. Common reasons people use them include:

May help with pain and discomfort

We don’t usually associate injuries with office work but often this is where many people experience pain and discomfort. If you’ve ever spent a considerable amount of time working at a computer, chances are you have experienced “mouse arm”. Mouse arm is a phrase used to describe pain that occurs in the hands, arms, neck and shoulders from regular mice use. An ergonomic mouse lets you rotate your hand to find the most comfortable position throughout your work day.  

Programmable buttons

Some ergonomic mice, like the Oyster Vertical Mouse, have programmable buttons. This is a handy feature if you complete the same tasks over and over again. Programmable buttons can be used on your ergonomic mouse for common actions including copy, paste and undo. This feature lets the operator work at greater speeds and helps with efficiency.

What are the benefits of a vertical mouse? 

Vertical mice are one of the most popular styles of ergonomic mice because they hold your hand in a natural, relaxed position.

A vertical mouse can reduce the risk of pronation

At first glance, vertical mice can look a little strange. These mice have been designed to be used with the hand in an upright position, similar to the position of a hand when using a joystick. By using a vertical mouse or ergo mouse you can greatly reduce the risk of your hand developing pronation. Pronation is caused when using a regular mouse as it is designed to force the wrist to rest in an unhealthy position for long periods. This position causes stress and tightens the pressure between your two forearm bones. 

Comfortable, vertical handshake position

Vertical mice mimic the position of a handshake. This allows you to operate your ergonomic mouse with your forearm instead of placing strain on your wrist. 

What’s the best mouse to use for carpal tunnel and RSI-affected people?

If you suffer from existing hand injuries such as Carpal Tunnel or RSI, you definitely want to invest in an ergonomic mouse. The Penguin Ambidextrous Ergonomic Mouse is one of the best mice you can use if you experience pain from these injuries. This vertical mouse allows you to operate with either your left or right hand - perfect for when your right hand has gone numb from repetitive use! This Penguin ergonomic mouse is also available in three different sizes so you can select the option that best suits your needs while providing your comfort level. 

Learn more about carpal tunnel and RSI 

Not sure what the difference is between RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome? That’s why we wrote this helpful guide with some tips for treatment and prevention.

What is an Ergonomic Rollermouse? 

A rollermouse is designed to sit at the base of your keyboard or laptop, allowing you to keep your elbows in place and eliminating unnecessary arm movements. The Contour Rollermouse Pro 3 Input Device is one of the best roller mice on the market. This type of mouse works by moving the roller bar from side to side to operate the cursor. 

Learn more about ergonomics

Did you know that there is actually a strong business case for investing in ergonomic equipment in your business? Find out more in our blog post How to Make a Business Case for Ergonomics

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