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Cable Management

Whether you're setting up your home or office for the first time, or need to tidy up your existing set up, cord management is very important in helping to achieve a streamlined and efficient workspace.

Cable management can be used for any combination of different cords including bulk telephone cords, computer cables, video and audio equipment. It is also a great way to organise cables in other parts of your home such as in the living room, kitchen and bedroom.

When buying accessories for your home or office, browse from our online range including a cable tray and cable basket, ideal for securing your cables underneath your table and desk while maintaining easy access. If you're unsure of which cable management accessories you need, feel free to speak to one of our trusted ergonomic experts, or visit our Perth showroom.

Cable Management FAQs

What is meant by cable management?

Cables can easily get in the way of a workspace, reducing efficient workflow, getting tangled and acting as a trip hazard. Cable management is the best way to organise all your cords at your home desk or in the office so that they are out of view and out of the way. It requires using accessories to group cables together and neatly hide them out of the way.

How do I manage all my cables at home or the office?

There are many different accessories that can be used for cable management in your home or office. Some simple tips include making sure power boards are close to the power outlet, hiding them under your desk with a cable basket or tray, and using cable ties to group them together. Browse our range of products to find the best way to manage your cables for your home and office.

Why is cable management and storage so important?

Managing cables is important to achieve the home or office workstation setup you desire. It helps to create an efficient workflow, hides ugly cords away from sight, reduces the risk of cables getting tangled and improves trip hazards.

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