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Drafting Chairs

Drafting chairs are necessary in jobs that require employees to work at higher working surfaces such as drafting tables. The best drafting chairs should be comfortable, breathable, adjustable and durable. 

Most drafting chairs have padded cushions and great lumbar support, with the ability to adjust the height and angle for better ergonomics. At Ergolink, our office drafting tools are available in many different designs, colours and build materials, plus adjustment features to accommodate your individual needs. 

Browse our range of drafting chairs online or visit our Perth showroom and speak to one of our trusted experts. We also offer delivery anywhere in Australia. 

Drafting Chairs FAQs

What is a drafting chair?

A drafting chair, also known as a draftsman chair, is designed specifically for people who use drafting tables or other elevated surfaces above the normal office desk height. They often have a couple of modifications such as a higher seat cylinder that tops out above 30 in (76 cm). In comparison, traditional office chairs have a maximum seat height of 22 in (56 cm). Drafting chairs have seat backs, ring foot rests, and optional arms depending on the design.

What is a drafting stool?

Similar to a drafting chair, a drafting stool is an elevated seat that offers supports for normal drafting. It is considered a more economical seating option for drawing or drafting classrooms. They usually do not have seat back supports or arms.

How do I choose a drafting chair or stool?

Before looking into any specific drafting chair, it is important to know the height of your work surface, as well as the features that you would like the chair to have. The standard drafting height is around 37 in (94 cm) while the standard office height is around 30 in (76 cm). Drafting tables often adjust around these ranges so it is important to ensure that the drafting charity you choose can go as high or as low as you need it to go to be comfortable for you. In addition, you also need to consider the following features:

  • Wide range seat height adjustment
  • High adjustment for the foot rest.
  • Seat tilt adjustment mechanism
  • Optional arm rests (commonly detachable)
  • Adjustable back rest (tilt and height adjustment)
  • Contoured and comfortable seat cushion and padding
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