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Phone and Computer Headsets

Headsets help individuals connect to others over a phone or computer, enabling them to speak and listen while keeping both hands free for other tasks. These devices are essential for many industries such as customer service and technical support centres. They can also be used for video conferencing between colleagues and families, or for gamers who need to use their mouse and keyboard whilst speaking to other players.

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The benefits of headsets

There are many ergonomic and productivity benefits to using headsets, they are mentioned below.

Visual and audio benefits

Some headsets come with noise cancellation, blocking out any distracting background noises. The microphone is fixed right near the mouth so that the audio quality is crisp and clear for the person on the other end.

Improved productivity and efficiency

Headsets are designed to enable people to speak and listen hands-free for increased productivity. This means that users are able to take notes on the computer, continue gaming or even walk around at the same time.

Ergonomic benefits

For individuals who spend a lot of time speaking on the phone, holding a mobile phone up to their ear or cradling it on their shoulder can cause unwanted neck and back pain. Wearing a headset therefore improves your posture and reduces fatigue at the end of the day.

Phone and Computer Headset FAQs

Are you not sure what kind of headset is right for you? We’ve put together some of the most commonly asked questions that will make things easier for you when buying your new headset.

Do headsets work with computers and vice versa?

Phone headsets and computer headsets are interchangeable given your connectivity method is compatible between the headset and device. Wireless headsets should be able to connect to your phone and computer if they have Bluetooth. Unfortunately, although USB headsets can be used for most devices with a port, they may not be compatible with many phones. If you have the universal 3.5 millimetre jack (some phones require an adapter for phone headsets), wired headphones should work on both phones and computers. If you're unsure of what kind of headset will be compatible with your device, give us a call today.


What's the difference between wired, wireless and USB headsets?

There are a few vital differences between wired, wireless and USB headsets. Each type can differ in price range, compatibility, and audio quality. Familiarising yourself with the difference between headsets will help you to find the best headset suited to your needs in the office, at home or while gaming.

Wired Headsets

Wired headsets use a cable to plug into a universal 3.5 millimetre jack found on most devices. These kinds of headsets are generally more affordable, simple and convenient due to their plug-and-play nature (given you have the jack or an adapter). Traditionally, these headsets have superior sound quality and are chosen by many gamers because they transmit audio data directly through a cable, eliminating any chance of signal interference or data loss.

Wireless Headsets

Much like the name suggests, rather than using a cable, wireless headsets encode audio data and transmit it wirelessly between the user and device. These headsets are able to connect to devices either with Bluetooth (available with most devices today) and wireless radio frequency signals. They allow users to be more mobile while using them.

Before 2.4GHz connections were available, wireless compatibility had lesser sound quality than its wired counterparts, they could be unreliable and vulnerable to signal delays, interference and data loss. However, top end wireless headphones are now bridging the gap in sound quality and many people won’t notice a difference.


USB Headsets

USB headsets are also wireless, but rather than using a universal 3.5 millimetre jack, they use a USB sound card. Some gamers prefer USB headsets because they enable sound to be transmitted digitally instead of through an analog signal, plus allow greater control over audio settings.


What's the difference between headphones and headsets?

There is one major difference between headphones and headsets; headsets have a microphone to speak whereas headphones do not. Headphones are used to listen to audio, such as movies and music, whereas headsets also allow the user to speak to others through the microphone.

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