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Conference Speakerphones

Since the pandemic, working remotely and working from home has become the new norm for many industries. This means that more time than ever before is being spent in virtual meetings on Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other conferencing programs.

If you're working from home regularly, or your office's boardroom needs to dial in to many virtual meetings, then conference speakerphones and microphones are a worthwhile investment.

A typical laptop or phone speaker and microphone has many limitations, such as poor audio quality, incorrect pitch, the inability to filter out background noise or pick up on multiple conversations from different directions at once. Therefore, a conference phone or microphone will guarantee that you will have crystal-clear and efficient communication during team catch-ups and client meetings.

Whether you're buying for your home or office to improve the quality of meetings, we have products with intuitive interfaces and multiple connectivity options including USB and wireless Bluetooth. Shop our range of conference phones and accessories online. If you can't decide which conference speaker or microphone is best suited to you, feel free to visit our Perth showroom or speak to one of our experts by calling (08) 9240 7066.

Conference Speakerphone FAQs

Which speaker accessories are the best to shop?

For virtual meetings, the best speaker to use is one especially designed for conference calls. Our conference speakers or speakerphones supply you with the crisp and clear audio and ease of use needed for clear communication in any room. Browse our range depending on your budget, room size and connectivity needs.

How does a conference speaker work?

A conference speaker or speakerphone differs from regular phone, laptop and music speakers because it focuses on mid-range performance - the ideal tone range for most voices. They lack the bass required to play music or movies, but their sound is still more full than regular speakers.

How does a conference microphone work?

A conference microphone works better than a regular microphone because it ensures the input audio is clear and easy to understand. It is able to pick up the right noises whilst blocking out irrelevant background noise through the use of multiple microphones with long-range sensitivities.

How are speakerphones different from mobile phones?

Mobile phone speakers are very different to speakers specifically designed for conferencing. Speaker phones have superior audio abilities in comparison to everyday laptop or phone speakers. As previously mentioned, their speakers use a mid-range pitch to suit most voices. The microphone is also better equipped to filter out background noise and focus on picking up many different voices, unlike headsets which may only pick up on one voice if it's very close to the microphone.

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