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Ergonomic Equipment

It’s no secret that ergonomic furniture can provide many health benefits. An ergonomic chair can encourage a healthy posture and improve lumbar support. But have you considered what the proper ergonomic workstation essentials can do for your comfort and productivity?

We have an extensive range suitable for home or office use, including headsets (wired and wireless), keyboards, mice, document holders, footrests, and mats.

When operating a computer or laptop for extensive hours, your forearms and wrists are usually the first areas to develop pain and discomfort. Our ergonomic mice and keyboards can help alleviate pain and offer long-lasting comfort thanks to their innovative design.

If you wish to try out our range of workstation essentials before buying, we welcome you to visit our Perth showroom and speak to one of our trusted experts. Or, shop online - we can deliver Australia-wide.

Ergonomic Equipment FAQs

What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the study of designing or arranging workplaces, systems, and environments to fit people of various stature. This process helps make one's job safer and more efficient in the work environment.

What are some examples of ergonomic equipment?

Below are some of the most popular ergonomically designed products that you should consider in the workplace:

  • Ergonomic keyboard (wired or wireless)
  • Number pad and keypad
  • Ergonomic mouse (wired or wireless)
  • Mouse pad Monitor, laptop and tablet stand
  • Document holder and organiser
  • Chair cushion
  • Laptop and tablet bag
  • Sit-stand desk

Why is it important to use ergonomic equipment?

Using ergonomically designed equipment in the workplace can help make employees more comfortable and potentially increase productivity. In addition, ergonomic improvements can reduce the risk factors that lead to discomfort and chronic pain.

Are ergonomic products more expensive?

Ergonomic equipment isn’t just fancy and expensive equipment for the office. It can bring significant benefits to your employees. Even though most office ergonomic equipment costs more than the non-ergonomic versions, the benefits of ergonomics often come into play in the long term. Ergonomic equipment helps reduce the direct and indirect costs associated with workplace injury, which are often multiple times more expensive than the premium that ergonomic equipment demands.

Is it worth investing in ergonomic equipment?

Ergonomic equipment is a good investment if you spend lots of time at work in a sedentary position. While the initial cost of the equipment is more substantial than its non-ergonomic counterparts, the long-term benefits often outweigh the one-off expense. In addition to improving posture and overall physical health, it helps keep stress levels and discomfort at bay while working.

Do ergonomic keyboards and mice really help?

Yes. Standard keyboards and mice force you to hold your wrists and arms in uncomfortable positions and angles, which can often cause pain and discomfort in the wrists, arms, elbows, and shoulders. Ergonomic keyboards and mice can help position your body, fit your hand size, movement, and the natural anatomy of your hands, and reduce the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome (RSI).

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