Delivery & Installation of Furniture and Height Adjustable Desks

Installations of Furniture, Height Adjustable Desks and any other product shall be charged as per a job by job basis. Please contact Ergolink for quotes.

Installation Times

Installations shall be done during business hours 8.30 – 5.00pm Monday to Friday. We will endeavour to work a time to ensure minimal impact to your business within these times.

Disassembly and removal of existing furniture and equipment

Disassembly and removal of existing equipment is the responsibility of the client and must be done PRIOR to the installation. Unless otherwise agreed, Ergolink will not disassemble or remove the furniture or equipment on site. Disconnection and relocation of any computer or desk top equipment including CPU’s, cables or monitors is STRICTLY PROHIBITED by Ergolink staff and is the sole responsibility of the Client.

Access to the worksite

Good access to the building, including car parking, must be available and free from obstacles to allow for quick and safe delivery of the goods. This includes:

  • Reserved car parking in a suitable position as too allow for the unloading of goods and parking during the job
  • Clear access to the worksite
  • No Stairs – Ergolink fees for delivery and installations do not include access via stairs. It is the Client’s responsibility to notify the presence of stairs prior to the job being accepted. Additional charges may apply for delivery when goods must be carried upstairs, or the installation may be cancelled if deemed unsafe to proceed.

Preparation of the Work Area

The work area must be completely clear and allow suitable working room for the installation. Please remove any other furniture such as mobile pedestals, credenzas, chairs and any other furniture in the area that obstruct installation of the job.


Some 'on site' installations may require the use of cordless power tools which will result in some noise.  Please notify any staff nearby that may be affected.

Cancellation of the Installation

Ergolink reserves the right to cancel the installation without notice, if delays are deemed unreasonable or too unsafe to proceed.  If cancelled, the goods shall be left at the client’s premises in an as-is state.

No refunds are applicable if the installation is cancelled


Any issues caused by the client that results in delays in the installation when Ergolink employees are on site may result in a charge of $22 inc. GST per every 15 minutes delayed.

Ergolink reserves the right to leave the site and re-organise the installation time, at the added cost to the Client, or cancel the installation if delays are deemed as unreasonable.

If delayed or cancelled the goods shall be left at the client’s premises in an as-is state.  No refunds are applicable if the installation is cancelled.