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Control Room Chair

Control room chairs are designed for people who need to remain seated for extended periods of time in their workstations. These adjustable office chairs are suited to workers in control rooms and security rooms who require ergonomic support to stay comfortable and productive in their job.

Many people who use control room chairs work in highly stressful and heavy-duty environments, such as police stations, flight centres, casinos, and government agencies, where decision-making is extremely important. For these people, it’s crucial that comfort is maintained over long periods of time. Our range of adjustable control room chairs is designed with these individuals in mind; to assist with their focus, enhance comfort, and minimise fatigue.

Why Choose Ergonomic Control Room Chairs?

Our control room chairs encourage healthy posture in a 24/7 work environment, which is why this chair is also known as a 24-hour chair. The adjustable office chairs are designed to provide body and lumbar support when you move. Most armrests are attached to the back of the chair which allows for positioning relative to the chair recline and a synchronous movement.

We stock a wide range of ergonomic control room chairs from trusted brands including Humanscale’s Freedom control room chairs. Humanscale is one of the leaders in ergonomic furniture around the world and makes premium ergonomic chairs.

If you can’t decide which control room chair is most suitable for your needs, feel free to come down to our Perth showroom and try out the chairs or speak to one of our experts on the phone at (08) 9240 7066.

Control Room Chairs FAQs

Are 24-Hour Chairs the Same as Control Room Chairs?

Adjustable control room chairs are also called 24-hour chairs because they are mainly used by individuals who sit for long shifts, such as those who work in a control room or security room. These chairs are specifically designed to offer the right support and are often certified for 24/7 use which is critical for warranty compliance.

What Materials Are Used for Control Room Chairs?

24-hour control chairs are designed to provide comfort for prolonged use, with soft materials such as mesh, vinyl, fabric and leather. The headrest and armrests are often made with sturdy materials as the backbone and a softer padding material on top of this for the highest level of comfort.

How Are Control Room Chairs Tested for Durability?

Most 24-hour chairs undergo rigorous testing and compliance certification to ensure that they are acceptable for extensive use. The adjustable, ergonomic chairs are put under a thorough evaluation, including cyclic stepped loads. This involves undergoing repeated motions with increasing loads until the parts being tested start to fail. To get the certification, the chair needs to surpass specific targets as set by the AS/NZS 4435 standards that the AFRDI Blue Tick is using.

Which Industries & Workplaces / Offices can Benefit from 24/7 Chairs?

24-hour control room chairs have wide use and application in various industries such as the police, fire and emergency services, government branches, process control environments, mining, transportation and communication facilities, call centres, casinos and more. Basically, any workplace that runs on multiple shifts throughout a 24-hour period will benefit from 24/7 chairs.

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