Evoluent Vertical Mice and Ergonomic Keyboards 

In 1994, Jack Lo developed the innovative Evoluent vertical mouse to deal with the pain he was experiencing when using a regular computer mouse.

This was the first time that an ergonomic mouse was developed in a handshake position, which lowered the risk of the arm twisting in an unnatural position.

It would take some time for Evoluent to get off the ground. In 1994 the Evoluent mouse was rejected by Microsoft, but Jack Lo persisted with his vision. Today, Evoluent are leaders in ergonomic computer accessories and their V4 Vertical Mouse is one of the most popular ergonomic computer mice in the world.

To try out an Evoluent mouse or keyboard before buying, come in to our Perth showroom and speak with one of our trusted ergonomics experts. Or, shop online - we can deliver anywhere in Australia.


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