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Wrist Rests

Have you had pain in your wrist from excessive computer use either at home or at work? Perhaps you have felt a slight tingle or cramp in your arm? Using a wrist rest, combined with stretching and frequent breaks, could help reduce the discomfort.

In many jobs, whether in the office or at home, daily tasks require people to use their keyboard and mouse all day. Repetitive movements while using a computer or laptop can cause pain and injury to your wrists. The pain from this repetitive movement is commonly referred to as repetitive strain injury (RSI), an injury that happens from performing the same task over and over again, placing pressure on parts of your body.

Try using keyboard and mouse wrist rest accessories for support. A wrist rest can raise your arm to work at a more comfortable angle while also reducing the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Wrist Rest FAQs

Why are wrist rests good?

Wrist rests are one of the best ergonomic accessories you can invest in to ensure comfort while you work at your office or home desk. They provide a secure and comfortable surface to rest your wrists on, keeping them aligned to the rest of your forearm and ensuring they don't move around as you type or navigate with a mouse. The reduced movement protects the wrist, reducing the impact of repetitive strain on your wrist.

Is gel or memory foam best for a wrist rest?

Most wrist support accessories for typing and mouse use are either made from memory foam or gel. Memory foam wrist rests and accessories provide ergonomic contouring to your hand and wrist by using body heat, whereas gel is bouncy and provides gentle cushioning. Both types of wrist rests provide ergonomic support for your wrist, therefore it depends on your personal preference. When choosing a wrist rest, ensure that your forearm is parallel to the floor while working.

Do you need to use wrist rests for gaming?

Ergonomic wrist rests aren't just needed in the office, they're also suitable at home for gaming. Some computer games require frequent, intense and fine detailed keyboard and mouse movements, therefore it is recommended to get a wrist rest product. Wrist rest accessories will provide protection and support to your wrist by keeping proper alignment and reducing stress and strain on your wrist.

How tall should the wrist rest product be?

Wrist rests don't vary a lot in height, but if needed, a memory foam rest will provide a bit more tailored support by contouring to the shape and height of your wrist.

What's the difference between a rest for keyboards and a rest for your mouse?

A wrist rest product for keyboards or laptops usually spans the length of your laptop or keyboard and is placed directly in front of it. Your wrists can then rest directly in front of you when typing, limiting repetitive movement and providing support. In comparison, a wrist rest for your mouse is usually combined with a mouse pad, consisting of a raised gel or memory foam rest to provide support and cushioning for your wrist.

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