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Office Furniture

Office furniture is one of those essentials that every business and workspace needs. The ideal choice of office furniture for the space and needs of employees has a multitude of benefits. Good quality office and boardroom furniture has the ability to improve work productivity by providing employees with comfort, the opportunity to collaborate and communicate, as well as boosting staff morale. Read our blog article for the many ways office furniture can boost productivity in the workplace.

More and more people now work from home, so having ergonomic, functional and stylish home office furniture is equally as important. If you need to upgrade your home workspace, then read our blog article on how to upgrade your workstation setup on a budget. With Ergolink, you can easily find the right ergonomic office furniture that has been designed to improve your comfort including a desk, home office chair, storage furniture, screens, desk accessories and much more.

Shop for office furniture solutions in our Perth showroom and online range

When looking for new and affordable office furniture, Perth businesses love visiting our Balcatta showroom. While Ergolink are specialists in ergonomic equipment, we have plenty of excellent office equipment you can use to fit out your commercial office or home workspace. From office chairs, desks, boardroom tables, and storage to screens and cable management, we have all the office furniture you need.

Our Perth showroom is conveniently located in Balcatta for businesses near the city and north of the river. Come in and take a look or shop any product online today - we have delivery to all over Perth and anywhere in Australia!

Ergonomic Equipment FAQs

Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start with choosing the right office furniture and office supplies for your work or home office. We've answered some of the most commonly asked questions when choosing office furniture to help point you in the right direction.

How do I know what kind of furniture is needed for my office?

When choosing office furniture, we recommend conducting an Ergonomic Assessment. These assessments enable employers to match the right equipment to employees' needs and the daily tasks they perform. Usually, an ergonomic expert can assess any risks associated with the current workspace set up, as well as identify any future hazards such as repetitive injury strain. A report is then produced with recommendations for changes to the current office furniture and workstation set up. This assessment can also be conducted in-house by interviewing employees, listening to their pain points and finding ergonomic office furniture solutions. This will also help employees feel valued and appreciated, boosting overall productivity and employee satisfaction.

What kind of office furniture is needed for the home?

In comparison to furniture in the office, home workstations can be a lot more personalised to your individual needs and preferences. As always, good quality and ergonomic desks and chairs that fit the space and tasks at hand are needed, as well as any other accessories that will further enhance comfort and productivity. Some of these items may include wrist and forearm support, lighting, monitor stands and footrests. The choice for home office furniture is really up to you and your budget.

Which type of furniture is most desirable for an office?

When choosing ideal furniture for your office (especially on a limited price budget), it's important to consider what kind of office furniture will give you the biggest bang for your buck. The most vital items that can make a huge difference in comfort include office chairs and office desks. We recommend looking into standing desks and height adjustable office desks, which help improve circulation and movement while stationary. We also have a great range of ergonomic chairs to provide adequate back and neck support when seated at tables and desks.

Is there a difference between office desks, office chairs and regular desks and chairs?

There is one vital difference between office desks, office chairs and regular desks and chairs. Office chairs and desks should have ergonomics, functionality and comfort at front of mind in their design. Office furniture is used for extended periods of time, meaning that they should be adjustable and practical to maintain work productivity and reduce repetitive injury strain. Regular desks and chairs however, may be designed with style, colours and aesthetics in mind, rather than long-term comfort.

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