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Anti Fatigue Mats

Anti fatigue mats are one of the ultimate ergonomic accessories for many workplaces. The purpose of these mats is to help increase the productivity and long-term wellbeing of workers who are usually spending prolonged periods of time stationary.

Anti fatigue mats are designed to keep your muscles working and blood flowing while standing up at your workstation or at a sit-stand desk.

We recommend using an anti fatigue mat that provides a rounded or raised bottom, as this allows for dynamic muscle activity during prolonged periods of standing. Some of our mats try to replicate the different terrain our feet encounter in normal day-to-day activity. We have a combination of raised mats for muscle stimulation and soft mats for comfort.

You don’t need to worry about losing balance and falling over - these are designed to subtly promote movement in a way that you don’t even notice.

Our range of anti fatigue mats are made from lightweight materials, making them super easy to store at the end of your work day. This is convenient if you have a height adjustable desk and alternate between standing and sitting regularly.

If you are going to be on your feet all day, make sure you give them the care they deserve. Browse and shop our range of anti fatigue mats online and find the right mat for you and your team today. If you're unsure of which kind of mat will suit you, give us a call on 08 9240 7066 or visit our Perth showroom.

Anti Fatigue Mat FAQs

Do anti fatigue mats actually work?

Yes, anti fatigue matting is one of the quickest and most effective solutions in avoiding long-term and chronic health issues for people who spend their work day standing still. The different materials and shapes provide various levels of support and blood flow stimulation for the legs while standing for a long time.

What are the benefits of anti fatigue mats?

Spending long periods of time standing in one position at a workstation can pinch blood vessels and reduce foot movement. This can lead to blood flow problems and implications further down the track such as swollen legs and the associated problems, as well as back pain. As a consequence, employees may be less productive, require a physiotherapist or need to take sick leave.

Our mats have a number of benefits for workers, including providing support and cushioning to the underfoot, which helps prevent muscle stiffness and strain. This ensures employees are able to stand in comfort and concentrate on the task at hand. Our matting is also designed to prevent people standing in a static position. Their surface and shape encourages very subtle foot movements throughout the day. These small movements improve circulation and the associated health issues such as aches, leg swelling, muscle stiffness, pressure on joints, back pain and varicose veins.

What different types of solutions are there for anti fatigue mats?

Any industry that requires workers to stand for extended lengths of time, whether it be in an office environment, hospitality or manufacturing and production, will need different ergonomic mat solutions and accessories.

For factory and warehouse environments, anti-slip mats are used for safety, working to prevent a slip or fall from occurring. This type of mat is usually composed of black polyurethane foam and also provides a level of comfort for the foot.

An anti-fatigue mat for the office can vary in structure, materials and purpose. Office mats are generally designed to combat fatigue, whilst prioritising comfort over slip hazard prevention. These mats are important for the long-term health and safety of office employees.

Some mat solutions for the office include a balance board and dynamic mats, encouraging weight shifting in order to improve circulation and relieve muscle tension. Mats that are suitable for both office and industrial environments include the Floortex 2000 and Ergo Office Anti Fatigue Mats because in addition to improving circulation and preventing muscle fatigue, they also minimise trip hazards with their smooth edges.

How do the mats provide support and comfort?

Matting accessories at Ergolink provide comfort and support with their materials and structure. Most matting is composed of thick polyurethane foam which provides a comfortable level of cushioning under the feet, especially in comparison to the hard ground.

Do I need a mat for my desk?

Mats that are anti fatigue are most effective for workers who are standing, as most of their weight is on their feet. Matting can be used at a sit stand desk, however they are ineffective under a sitting desk. For sitting at desks, ergonomic chairs or footrests are more appropriate accessories to minimise muscle tension and strain.

How do I choose the best anti fatigue mat for my workplace?

Choosing the best type of matting depends on the type of industry and needs of the employees. If a workplace requires a lot of moving around and is subject to spills, matting that is both anti-fatigue and slip preventative is appropriate to reduce fall hazards. Offices require matting which focuses more on comfort and blood circulation. 


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