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Ergonomic Keyboards

Are you tired of feeling like your keyboard keys are too cramped together when you sit at your computer? Does your wrist bend in a weird shape trying to hit a particular key, or do your elbows ache when you rest on the edge of the desk? If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider investing in an ergonomic keyboard.

If you wish to try our range of ergonomic keyboards before making a purchase, we welcome you to visit our Perth showroom and speak to one of our trusted experts. Alternatively, you can browse our selection of ergonomic keyboards in our online store or contact us for more information. We offer Australia-wide delivery. And if you want to go one step further, pair it with an ergonomic mouse and other ergonomic accessories to create the perfect ergonomic desktop. 

Ergonomic Keyboards FAQs
Good ergonomic keyboards are designed to position your hands, wrists and arms in a natural, relaxed position when typing. Many of our keyboards are split in half and positioned at an angle providing increased comfort for typing. Others have compact, flat designs to reduce wrist extension and encourage better wrist posture.

How do I choose the right keyboard?

Ergonomic keyboards are highly popular due to their revolutionary design. For too long, we have been typing on laptops and keyboards that have been getting smaller and smaller. You will be pleasantly surprised by the benefits when switching to one of these ergonomic keyboards, especially if you have been using a cramped laptop keyboard for an extended period.

Ensure that you start typing in a way that aligns with your body's natural position. This adjustment could help alleviate wrist, elbow, or shoulder pain and tension.

If you wish to try our range of ergonomic keyboards in person, feel free to visit our Perth showroom and consult with one of our experts. Alternatively, you can purchase online and enjoy convenient delivery anywhere in Australia.

What is the difference between an ergonomic keyboard and a standard keyboard?

Both ergonomic keyboards and standard keyboards have the same keys and functionality. However, the main difference lies in their design. Standard keyboards have minimal ergonomic features, maintaining a design that keeps your hands twisted in an unnatural position throughout the day, potentially leading to injuries, pain, or discomfort. In contrast, ergonomic keyboards are designed to position your hands in a raised position with your elbows pointing outward, mimicking the natural resting position when using a computer.

The Kinesis Advantage 2 Keyboard is an excellent example of an ergonomic keyboard with a unique design aimed at improving the comfort and wellbeing of workers. Suppose the Kinesis Advantage 2 exceeds your budget. In that case, the Kensington Pro Fit Ergo Wired Keyboard offers a more affordable alternative with great ergonomic features, including padded wrist support, a raised keyboard, and a split key design. And if you want to go for wireless keyboards, find more options here.

What can an ergonomic keyboard help with?

Reducing workplace stress

Research indicates that approximately 41% of workers claim that workplace stress makes them less productive, with 33% of workers reporting reduced engagement at work when stressed. How does this relate to ergonomic keyboards? One significant reason for workplace stress can be attributed to discomfort during work. In a different study, 12 per cent of employees cited discomfort in their hands as a significant source of workplace stress. By providing proper ergonomic keyboards, you can significantly improve the wellbeing of your workers.

Enhanced comfort

If you are currently using a standard keyboard, a quick exercise can help you realize their negative impact on your comfort. Place your hands on the keyboard as if you are about to begin typing. Now relax your hands, elbows, and shoulders and notice where your hands naturally fall - an ergonomic keyboard is designed to mimic this natural resting position during typing. Some keyboards are split into two devices, allowing you to position the keyboard according to your needs.

Improve workplace culture and attitude

As a manager or owner, providing your staff with an affordable ergonomic device, like an ergonomic keyboard, is a great way to show them you care about their comfort and wellbeing. But don’t just take our word for it. Recent research highlights that employees are 90% more likely to stay at their jobs if they think their boss shows them empathy.

How do you maximise comfort with an ergonomic keyboard?

With proper keyboard positioning and consistent hand exercises, you can significantly enhance your comfort in the workplace. Position your ergonomic keyboard 5 to 10 cm from the edge of your work desk to provide ample wrist support. Ensure you don't need to twist or move your elbows excessively by keeping your mouse close to the keyboard comfortably. Regularly stretching your hands can also help you maximize the benefits of an ergonomic keyboard.

If you want to try before you buy, don't hesitate to visit our Perth showroom and test some Ergonomic Keyboards - you'll be amazed by the level of comfort you experience. Alternatively, you can speak to one of our experts for guidance or shop online to enjoy the convenience of delivery anywhere in Australia.

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