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Webcams and Conferencing Cameras

In the last few years, more workplaces around the world have implemented remote working or working from home as a result of the global pandemic. Additionally, more people than ever before have been separated from families, where the only way to keep in contact is virtually. Being away from the office or loved ones means that virtual meetings and catch-ups have therefore become the new norm in many industries and homes.

Whether you're having virtual meetings with clients or team meetings with other colleagues, having high quality equipment is essential to ensure each conference has clear audio and visual communication, so that you and the team can efficiently meet all your objectives.

The conferencing camera or webcam you choose depends on a number of considerations. We have video conference cameras and webcams to suit any room size, usage and environment. Our collection of cameras include the latest technology in video quality, have many connectivity options such as wireless Bluetooth and USB, and are easy to install and set up. Shop our range of webcams and cameras for virtual conferencing online. Or, if you're unsure of what will suit your space, price range and needs, visit our Perth showroom or speak to one of our experts by calling (08) 9240 7066.

Conference Camera FAQs

What is the difference between webcams and cameras for video conferencing?

There are a few major differences between webcams and conferencing cameras. Both options ultimately have the same purpose - to connect two or more users virtually so they're able to communicate using a combination of camera-capture images and audio.

A webcam is a fixed camera which is built-in to most laptops these days, or it can be bought as a separate unit and attached to and installed on your device. Webcams can usually only fit a single person in the lens, so are ideal for dialing into meetings as an individual, or to catch up with family and friends.

On the other hand, a conference camera usually has a wider angle lens to allow it to connect an entire table or room of people in a virtual conference. Depending on the model, they're able to pan the room and zoom into different faces as the the image and audio optimises according to the type of environment.

What do I need to consider when looking at conference cameras or a webcam for work?

When searching for the right camera model for video conferencing at work, there are a few considerations you need to take into account. The price of cameras for conferences varies depending on your budget and its features, as well as your work and home needs.

Something to consider is the resolution of the camera in relation to your internet bandwidth. Conference cameras and webcams may be able to record in 4K UHD, but the streaming quality may be very different due to low bandwidth. This means that people on the other end may only receive 1080p HD video quality.

Another important consideration is where and how it will be used. Take into account the size of the room or table that you want to capture in the lens. Most cameras for conferencing have a wide angle lens and face detection which optimises to whoever is in view.

Depending on the amount of background noise in the office or at home, noise cancellation capabilities in the microphone can be essential to ensure crisp and clear audio. Furthermore, if the room is large, additional microphones and speakers may be needed to guarantee everyone can be seen and heard.

In addition to video, does a conference camera include a microphone for audio?

Video conferencing cameras usually come with an inbuilt microphone for clear audio. Additional microphone accessories may need to be scattered around larger rooms. Webcams that come built into a laptop utilise the laptop's microphone, whereas freestanding webcams generally come with microphones. Inbuilt laptop microphones are sometimes lower quality than a microphone especially designed for video conferencing, therefore it may be wise to invest in a special microphone or headset.

Which camera is the best for Zoom conferencing?

Any camera that's compatible with the device you're using can be used for Zoom meetings. The type of camera you use is dependent on your needs - whether you're dialing in with a laptop webcam from home, or having a larger virtual group meeting with a conference camera in the boardroom.