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Standing Desk Converters

A standing desk converter can be placed on top of your existing desk to make it adjustable and give you the option to stand or sit. The most common converters are designed with a weighted base that firmly keeps your desk converter sitting securely in place. Some designs use a clamp attachment to secure it to your desk.

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About Height Adjustable Desk Converters

People who perform jobs or tasks that require sitting in front of a screen for extended periods could find relief with an adjustable standing desk. Making the switch to a standing desk does not mean you need to get rid of your existing work desk. This is where a standing desk converter, or a standing desk riser comes in.

An adjustable desk converter is a device that sits on top of your existing workstation. The converter gives you the freedom to either sit or stand. Most popular sit-stand desk converters are made with a heavy base that keeps the device secured to your desk. Some models also use a clamp feature to keep the converter secured. A useful feature of desk converters is that most of them require zero assembly out of the box and they just sit on top of your desk.

Desk Converter FAQs

What is a Standing Desk Converter?

An adjustable standing desk converter is a compact device that’s placed on top of your workstation. Converters are an affordable option if a standing desk is out of your price range, or if your work has a limited budget for office upgrades. An adjustable converter is designed to make your life easier. Any setup you currently have with your current workstation can be replicated with a desk converter as some converters are capable of supporting dual monitors. The Humanscale Quickstand Sit Stand is a popular dual monitor desk converter and was awarded the illustrious title of ‘Best Office Accessory of the Decade’ by Interior Design Magazine.

How Do You Turn a Regular Desk into a Standing Desk?

The Ergotron Workfit Corner Sit Stand Desk Converter uses a gas strut which lets you quickly change from sitting to standing. Whereas, the Encore Electric Sit Stand Desk Converter uses a hidden motor to lower and raise the desk to suit your height requirement. Height adjustable desk converters don’t require any physical exertion to change the height of the desk, making it the perfect device suitable for just about anyone who requires more comfort in the workplace.

What Are The Benefits of a Desk Converter?

Create Healthy Habits

Alternating between sitting and standing helps to develop healthy work habits and improves your overall health. Standing at your desk can burn more calories than sitting, helping you to remain active while at work. Some reports suggest that by standing at your desk in the afternoon, you can burn an additional 1000 calories. If you find yourself struggling to remain active with an office job, an adjustable sit stand converter can help you burn a few extra calories.

Sit-Stand Desk Converters Reduce Back Pain

Sitting 8 hours in a chair all day is bound to leave you with some aches and pains, especially if you aren’t using an ergonomic office chair. One study concluded that using an electric height adjustable desk lowers upper back and neck pain by 54%.

Increased Comfort & Productivity

An electric & adjustable standing desk converter is the perfect addition to your workspace if you have been experiencing long bouts of discomfort during your workday. Switching between sitting and standing helps you to feel energised throughout the day, and it can increase your overall productivity. Having complete control over how you work lets you say goodbye to all those annoying pains and other office injuries.

Encourages Team Collaboration

If you work in a collaborative team environment, a sit stand desk converter can greatly improve your team's productivity. These adjustable devices allow office workers to quickly walk between workstations without having to worry about dragging office chairs or bending over to see the computer screen at a low height.

If you want to try before you buy, feel free to come in and test the ideal electric standing desk converters in our Perth showroom - you will be blown away with the level of comfort experienced. You can also speak to one of our experts to help you with your decision. Otherwise, shop online and enjoy the convenience of delivery anywhere in Australia.

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