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Desk Accessories

Just because office work isn't physically demanding, it doesn't mean that we're not still prone to injuries over time. It's important to take ergonomics into consideration when working at your desk to avoid repetitive injury strain (RSI) and problems with our wrists, eyes, back and neck. We have an assortment of desk accessories that can help you be more proactive at avoiding injuries and streamline your work setting. Having a clean and organised desk can greatly boost morale and lead to a more productive workday.

Our accessories include chair mats to avoid damage to hard floors, desk raisers to achieve the ideal desk height, anti-fatigue mats to provide comfort when standing, screens for ensuring privacy and limiting distractions, lighting for avoiding eye strain and many more accessories. No matter what problem you encounter with your desk setup, we have an ergonomic solution for it.

If you wish to try out our range of desk accessories and office supplies before buying, we welcome you to visit our Perth showroom to speak to one of our trusted experts. Or, shop online - we can deliver anywhere in Australia.

Desk Accessory FAQs

What are the best ergonomic desk accessories?

The best ergonomic desk accessories depend on your individual needs, preferences and pain points when working at your desk. We have a huge range of ergonomic accessories to optimise your workstation. By making small changes and upgrades, you can make a huge difference. Some of the best accessories include:

Anti-fatigue floor mat

Many studies have linked sitting at a desk all day to long-term health problems such as obesity and high blood pressure. Some people now choose standing desks, but even these can fatigue our bodies. Our anti-fatigue mats allow for better comfort when standing by helping to avoid spinal compression and foot pain.

Laptop Holder or Tech Tray

When you're not working on your laptop, a laptop holder allows you to store it safely away so that you don't have to twist your body to lean over it. Similarly, a tech tray allows you to store your technology and cables, including laptop out of the way.

Desk Screen

Create a sense of privacy and limit distractions while maintaining an open plan office layout with desk screens. They can be temporary and easily moved around to suit any private or collaborative work space.

Lozenge Bridge

If you have ever worked on the 90-degree corner of a desk, you know how uncomfortable this is especially for using a keyboard. A lozenge bridge can transform the rounded 90-degree corner into a straight 45-degree corner to ensure the space is more usable.


Sufficient lighting at your workstation is essential for reducing eye strain and increasing productivity. Choose from lights with multiple brightness modes, magnifying lenses, built in digital clocks and even wireless charging stations.

What kind of storage accessories do you need on a desk?

Storage accessories are essential to help create a seamless, comfortable and efficient workspace. Some storage options include document trays, sorters, holders and organisers to store loose documents and books, a cable organiser to hide away cords and reduce trip hazards, and any other kind of desk organiser that helps segment and store items.

What other accessories do you recommend for a desk?

There are a number of other accessories and pieces of furniture available to complete your workstation and boost your morale and productivity. Some of these include indoor plants to encourage a calming space, forearm and wrist supports to avoid RSIs, ergonomic footrests for circulation, monitor stands to correct awkward neck positions, ergonomic keyboards and mice for comfortable long-term use, and air purifiers for overall well being.

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