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Ergonomic Accessories

The proper ergonomic accessories can help you work more productively at the home or office. When it comes to choosing the right ergonomic accessory for you, it all depends on what you want the accessory to help you do.
Check out our chair mats for greater comfort, improved performance, and a healthier ergonomic position. The benefits are endless, and if you spend a significant part of your day on a chair, this accessory is perfect for you! 


Our list of ergonomic accessories for the office provides outstanding ergonomic support. These include the chair mat for hard floors and the chair mat for low piles

Ergonomic Accessories FAQs

What is the difference between a chair mat for hard floors and a chair mat for low-pile carpets?

Chair mats for hard floors and low pile carpets are designed differently to cater to the specific needs of each flooring type.

Hard floor mats are made from smooth materials like vinyl, which provide a non-slip surface to prevent the mat from sliding on surfaces like wood, tile, or laminate. These mats are generally thinner and more rigid, ensuring a stable and flat surface for chair movement.

In contrast, chair mats for low-pile carpets are thicker and slightly more flexible to effectively protect the carpet from the pressure of chair wheels. They feature studs or cleats on the underside that grip into the carpet fibres, helping the mat stay in place and prevent shifting when the chair is moved.

Choosing the correct type of chair mat based on your flooring is crucial for protecting the surface and enhancing the chair's mobility.

Do I need a chair mat for hard floors or a chair mat for low-pile carpets? Or anything at all?

When assessing protection needs, focus on a mat that prevents wear and tear on hard floors from constant movement and weight, and choose a mat for low-pile carpets that can distribute the weight of the chair and its user to prevent indentations or damage to the carpet fibres.

To decide whether you need a chair mat for hard floors or low-pile carpets, consider these factors:

  • Floor Type:
    • Hard Floors: Choose a hard floor mat if you have wood, tile, laminate, or vinyl flooring. These mats are smooth and designed to protect hard surfaces from scratches and provide a stable area for chair movement.
    • Low Pile Carpets: Opt for a low pile carpet mat if your flooring is covered with carpet that has short and tight fibres. These mats have cleats to grip the carpet, preventing movement and protecting the carpet from compression.
  • Chair Mobility and Protection Needs:
    • Hard Floors: Ensure the mat has a non-skid surface to prevent slipping.
    • Low Pile Carpets: Select a mat that allows easy chair movement and is sturdy enough to prevent carpet damage from chair wheels.

Choose the right type based on your specific flooring to enhance chair mobility and protect your floor.

If you want to try out our extensive range of ergonomic accessories before buying, feel free to visit our Perth showroom. You can also speak to one of our experts for personal advice. Buy online knowing that we ship it to you anywhere in Australia.

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