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Mesh Office Chairs

Mesh office chairs are a great alternative to a conventional office chair if you’ve ever experienced that sweaty or sticky feeling when standing up after a long period of sitting. Mesh office chairs are made of materials that allow the air to circulate between the body and the chair - this lets your body breathe and avoids trapping heat behind your back. Mesh chairs are also quite stylish, making them the perfect addition to almost any office environment. Our more popular mesh office chairs include the ones manufactured by Humanscale and Gregory, some of the most respected leaders in ergonomic furniture.

If you want to try out a mesh office chair before purchasing one, visit our Perth showroom. You can also speak to one of our experts for personal advice by calling or sending us a message. You can also shop online - we deliver anywhere in Australia.

Mesh Office Chair FAQs

Our range of mesh office chairs provides exceptional comfort that incorporates a minimal, stylish design - suitable for any modern work setting. Choose a chair that suits your office's colour scheme from our diverse colour options. Many of our mesh chairs facilitate a healthy ‘s' spine posture due to the design of the back of the chair.

Why should I buy a mesh office chair?

Mesh chairs are some of the most durable office chairs available on the ergonomic market. The seat is made from tough materials woven in a mesh pattern, making it long-lasting for your work duties. Most mesh chairs have dual-density posture support seat technology, like the Gregory Evoke Mesh Back. This technology delivers impressive comfort as the back of the chair moulds itself to the shape of the user's body, creating a comfortable seat for hours on end.

Are mesh office chairs comfortable?

Don’t let the appearance of a mesh chair fool you. Although the back of a mesh chair isn’t made from soft cushioned materials, they still provide superb long-lasting comfort. Most of our mesh chairs encourage a healthy “s” spine posture because of the innovative chair's design. Mesh chairs are also ergonomically designed with dual-density seat technology that helps to reduce muscle pain that generally occurs from long periods of sitting down.

What is one of the best mesh office chairs available?

One of the best mesh chairs available is the Humanscale Smart Mesh Back Chair. Humanscale is one of our most trusted manufacturers, and it isn't by chance. The Humanscale Smart Mesh Chair uses innovative technology that lets the sitter control the chair without levers or mechanisms. The chair uses a weight-sensitive design that moves freely with the user's position. Once you have found your sweet spot, the chair gets secured by a self-locking mechanism. Not only are these chairs extremely stylish and suitable for any modern office setting, but the chair is made with contoured seat cushions that comfortably mould to the user's shape.

What is the lifespan of an office chair?

When looked after appropriately, an office chair can last between 7 - 10 years. The chair's lifespan also depends on the environment used, how often the office chair is cleaned and maintained, and how many different people are using the chair. Almost all our chairs have a warranty, so you can rest assured knowing your office chair will keep you working for future years.

We sell mesh office chairs from trusted manufacturers who pride themselves on quality products. If you want to try out some of our mesh chairs before buying, visit our Perth showroom. You can also speak to one of our experts for personal advice. And if you already know what you want, buy online - we ship to anywhere in Australia.

Add this office furniture product to your workplace environment and get one step closer to having an ideal ergonomic office.

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