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Computer Monitor & Display Screens

Looking for computer monitors and screen accessories to meet the demands of your office or home setting? We all know the benefits of monitor arms, monitor stands, laptop stands, tablet stands and screen filters; and at Ergolink, we have a wide range of brands and products to choose from.

Browse our full range of pc monitors and display screen accessories below or visit our Perth showroom. If you need help choosing your monitor accessories, get in touch with our friendly and experienced team at Ergolink.

About Computer Monitors and Display Screen Accessories

Take a look below at some additional information on our monitors and screen accessories, or you can also visit our blog for information on ergonomic monitor and screen setups.

Improving your display monitor ergonomics

We understand the frustration of sitting your monitor on a shoe box or a pile of books, trying to find that ideal height or angle. Throw away that box or stack of books and get a monitor stand or monitor arm to have full control of your screen layout, whether you’re in the office or working from home.

Finding the best position for your laptop and tablet

Doing a lot of work on a laptop? Our laptop stands are stylish and compact, plus they provide just the right amount of rise to help alleviate the strain on your neck from looking down all day.

Or, if you find yourself using a tablet for a large part of the day, be sure to increase your comfort with our fantastic tablet stands. Some of our models are compact enough to fit in your back pocket or handbag which is a handy feature when traveling.

Protecting your eyes from strain and glare

We also stock a wide range of screen filters and computer privacy screens that can help reduce glare and eye strain on your monitors or give you added privacy from prying eyes. These products are perfect for your monitor if you are always getting hit with the afternoon sun or if you work in front of a screen for extended periods.

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