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Split Keyboard

The split keyboard design is a fairly uncommon type of keyboard where the keys are grouped into two or more sections. It can either be an adjustable keyboard or a fixed one (where you cannot change the position of the sections). These keyboards can promote a neutral wrist position, combat carpal tunnel syndrome (RSI), and allow the user to alter the accessory's design freely.

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Split Keyboards FAQs

What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the process of designing or arranging workplaces, systems, and environments so they fit people of various stature. At the workplace, this process helps make the job safer and more efficient. Most workplaces provide employees with ergonomic equipment, such as keyboards, mice, and other relevant items, to achieve optimal office ergonomics.

What are ergonomic split keyboards?

An ergonomic keyboard consists of two keyboard halves designed to fit the user, rather than the user needing to make adjustments to fit the keyboard. Most ergonomic keyboards are designed to fit the vast majority of body types and shapes.

Why should you use a split keyboard rather than a standard keyboard?

Many studies suggest that using a standard keyboard for only 20 minutes per day can already result in injuries, highlighting the importance of ensuring the keyboard you use is ergonomic. Over time, continued use of a flat keyboard can contribute to a slow and steady injury caused by turning the wrists inward. Ergonomic keyboards relieve the strain forced by a standard keyboard on a person’s body by offering a more natural angle and fit.

What are the benefits of split keyboards?

Split keyboards help keep your wrists straight because the keys are laid out in a sloped position. Furthermore, the ability to separate the keyboard into two parts means you can place the keyboard on your desk in a comfortable position. Spreading out your hands while typing can help relax your shoulders as well.

What are the different types of split-style keyboards?

Split keyboards are often categorised in two styles: two separate pieces or a single unit with a split layout:

Split keyboard with two separate pieces

This keyboard design features two parts, where each half contains a portion of the keys. The two parts are either connected via a cable or a ball joint or paired to your computer wirelessly. Some designs also allow you to change the vertical angle of the keyboard pieces.

Split layout keyboard

This kind of keyboard is made of one piece and uses the same layout as a standard keyboard. The only difference is that the keys are split into two groups and are usually sloped or curved to help you type with your wrists in a natural position.

Is it hard to type on split ergonomic keyboards?

You may find it easy to adapt to split keyboards that maintain the same staggered layout as a typical keyboard, as the adjustments may be minimal - perhaps for the middle keys, people often use the wrong hand.

However, for split ortho-linear, split columnar, or regular ortho-linear keyboards the learning curve may be steeper, and you may need a few weeks to get used to the more significant layout changes.

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