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Document Holders

A document holder is the perfect product if you use many documents for work and need those next to your computer. Data entry jobs, for example, require plenty of back-and-forth between your computer and documents. If you are constantly looking down or side to side at your desk, neck pain and other discomforts may arise. 

Having a document holder for a desk can significantly improve your efficiency and comfort. A holder can provide a healthier, ergonomic viewing position and reduce pressure on your spine, neck, and shoulders. It allows you to keep important documents at eye level by reducing the regular movement of your head. 

Document holders can either be freestanding or attached via a clamp to your desk. When you decide on a document holder stand, ensure it is adjustable to suit your needs. Place it between your keyboard and monitor at an ergonomically friendly angle of 40 to 60 degrees - you'll quickly notice the benefits of using a holder if you work at a computer for hours at a time!

Consider investing in a standing document holder or a desktop document holder, depending on your workspace setup. Come to our Perth showroom and speak to one of our trusted experts, or buy online - we can deliver anywhere in Australia!

Document Holder FAQs

What is an ergonomic document holder?

An ergonomic document holder is a product used to keep a printed document needed for tasks on the computer close to the user and the monitor. It usually involves a stand on an angle between 40 and 60 degrees. The user can place their document on the stand close to their monitor to refer to both while working with minimal head movement and strain on the neck, shoulders, and spine.

Do I need a document stand for my monitor?

If your work naturally requires you to look at papers or a book and your computer simultaneously, a document holder can highly benefit your posture long-term. Most computer users work with loose papers placed flat on their desks next to their computers. To refer to the paperwork and back to the monitor, they must bend their neck downwards and twist repeatedly, creating an awkward posture and causing eye strain. 

A document holder will avoid the repetitive slouching and twisting of your neck, as well as keep the documents and monitor at the same distance from your eyes to reduce eye strain, ultimately increasing productivity.

A document stand can be freestanding or attached to your monitor or desk, providing a stable platform for your papers. Additionally, a paper holder for a desk or a copy holder can keep your documents organised and easily accessible.

Where on your desk should you place the holder?

The style and design of the document holder will determine where you should place it on your desk. Most document holders with a stand or clamp can sit in any position that is comfortable for you, either between your keyboard and monitor, next to your keyboard, or next to your screen. Make sure to place it in a position to minimise the need to turn your neck or strain your eyes while you work.

You may need to test different positions and desk layouts before finding the best placement on your desk. Other document holders are designed to slip over your keyboard so you can place your documents above your keyboard while you type, reducing the need to turn your head to the side. A desk paper stand or desk paper holder is a convenient addition to your workspace.

How do you assemble a holder?

Assembling a document holder depends on the style and design of the product. Most document holders come already assembled, some will need the stand to simply be clicked into place, and others may need a piece to be screwed in place. Just refer to the product instructions to ensure you assemble the holder correctly.

What kind of document can the holder be used for?

Holders can be used for any kind of document, whether you have to enter data on loose sheets of paper or need to refer to a bound research journal. Some stands come with clips to hold pages in place. If you would like to use a heavier book, select a stand that can hold more weight with a thicker ledge to keep the book from sliding off. When it comes to typing tasks, an over-keyboard document holder or a document stand for typing can keep your papers in place without obstructing your keyboard. Consider our range of desktop document holders and screen holders for versatile options.

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