Plantronics M22 Headset Amp

  • Plantronics M22 Headset Amp 20

    The M22 is compatible with all Plantronics H series headsets and provides the ability to control all the functions of the headset.

    Plantronics Vista M22 Headset Amp

    Plantronics M22 amplifier brings superior sound-quality and acoustic protection to your telephone.

    As well as providing compatibility with those telephones that do not allow direct connection of headsets it offers a range of additional features to enhance the sound quality of your phone conversations. Required to connect a H series corded headset (eg: HW251, HW261, etc.) for most phone systems that do NOT have a headset port.

    Plantronics SoundGuard Plus™ technology ensures loud tones are quickly reduced to more comfortable levels and ensures that the normal, human voice remains natural and unchanged, for face-to-face clarity of communication.

    Plantronics Call Clarity™ technology uses electronic signal processing to reduce phone noise and maintain constant volume levels, as set by the user. This ensures all conversations are held at a comfortable and consistent level, regardless of the loudness of the incoming call.

    Using an amplifier gives you the ability to control all the functions of your headset and also lets you switch to your handset if you need to. Includes mute, volume and headset switch.

    Installing an M22 amplifier is easy. Simply remove the curly cord from your handset at the point where it connects into the phone. Then plug the amplifier into the port you have just created by removing the handset. Finally, plug the handset into the amplifier. You can now use your phone with the handset or the headset.

    Please contact us to check if you need an amp, switch or a headset telephone for your system if you're not sure.


    If you are unsure of the compatibility of this unit with your phone system please contact Ergolink with the make and model of your phone system.


    • Soundguard Plus Technology
    • Plantronics call Clarity Technology
    • Ability to control
      • volume
      • mute
      • handset
      • power


    Connection Corded
    Compatibility Plantronics H Series Headsets


    • 12 Months
    $159.95 (inc GST)