Simplecom EL818 Dimmable LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charging Base

  • Simplecom EL818 Dimmable LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charging Base DLEL818

    Charge your phone without cables using the wirelss carging base conveiniently at the base of your LED desk lamp. The lamp has 3 light modes and 4 brightness levels.making it the perfect accessory for your ergonomic desk.

    Simplecom EL818 Dimmable LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charging Base

    The lamp charges 1 device via USB or Wireless Charging at a time. It supports wireless charging for Qi Wireless charging compatible smartphones.

    The direction of light can be lifted up to an angle of 135 degrees give the perfect light position. The ultra-thin lamp head and aluminium alloy arm is durable and visually elegant.


    Control the type of light and the brightness with multiple lighting and brightness modes, non-flickering light, which enables reading or writing longer with less eye fatigue, and the adjustable light temperature and brightness modes for reading, working and studying. Touch control for 3 lighting modes (Natural, Cool, Warm) and 4 level brightness levels

    Operations including power On / Off, mode switch and brightness Up / Down, are all done button-free on the touch-sensitive base


    • Wireless Charging Base* + USB Port
    • Sleek Design with Aluminium Alloy Arm
    • Flicker Free LED Lamp
    • 3 Light Modes and 4 brightness Levels
    • Touch-Sensitive Control 



    Built-in Wireless Charger Compatibility 
    • Qi compatible devices
    Charging Types 
    • Wireless Charging Base
    • USB Charger
    Flicker Free LED
    • Yes
    Brightness Controls
    • 4 Brightness Levels
    • Touch-Sensitive Control
    • 5V/2.5A
    LED Light Max Output
    • 5V 
    iIntensity of illumination
    • 550 lux
    Brightness Levels
    • 5
    • 160 Lm
    USB Port Output
    • 5V/1A
    Wireless Charging Output
    • 5V/1A

    Wireless Charging Standard

    • Qi
    Wireless Charging Frequency:
    • 10-205KHz
    Light Colour
    • 3000K,
    • 4500K,
    • 6000K
    LED Lifespan
    • 50,000hrs
    • 25cm (Head),
    • 40cm (Arm),
    • 18 x 20cm (Base)
    •  600g
    Operating Frequency Range
    • 110.2KHz – 204.72KHz
    Signal level field strength
    • 72 dBμA/m at 10 m (Peak)


    • White


    • 1 Year
    $80.00 (inc GST)