Plantronics Vista Headset Cable

  • Plantronics Vista Headset Cable 98A

    The Plantronics Vista headset cable is capable of connecting to any H-Series Plantronics headset.  

    Enjoy greater flexibility during your work day, this cord lets you disconnect from your phone instantly.


    Plantronics Vista Headset Cable

    Working at a desk with a corded headset can sometimes be a hassle if you need to leave your desk frequently.

    With the Plantronics Vista headset cable you will be able to detach from your headset in a the blink of an eye, leaving you more productive with your work.

    This is a great value-for-money device that will streamline your work and make you more efficient.


    • coiled


    Connection Corded

    Plantronics H Series Headsets

    Style Coiled


    • 12 Months
    $29.95 (inc GST)