Jabra Headsets - Wireless & Bluetooth

Jabra Headsets are specialists in sound. For every Jabra product, hundreds of hours of research is completed to ensure they deliver a product that improves the business performance of their customers.

A Jabra Wireless headset lets you use the phone for long periods of time without needing to hold a phone receiver. Perfect for busy office workers or call centers - Jabra headsets have features like noise canceling microphones for crystal clear conversations.

The Jabra Pro 9470 Cordless headset is one of their best wireless headsets that lets the user operate up to 150 metres away from the charging station. This headset uses noise cancelling technology to get rid of background noise - perfect if you work in a busy office.

When choosing a headset, comfort, range, call quality and battery life are the most important factors. Jabra headsets typically give you 8 - 12 hours talk time and are lightweight so you can talk all day!

To find the right Jabra headset you can visit our Perth showroom and speak to one of our experts. Or, shop online - we can deliver anywhere in Australia.

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