Posture Pro Adjustable Footrest

  • Posture Pro Adjustable Footrest 101PP

    This affordable footrest is great for providing ergonomic support throughout your workday.

    Footrests can successfully reduce the pressure on your legs and assist with reducing back pain.

    Posture Pro Adjustable Footrest

    The Posture Pro Adjustable Footrest is made from strong metal construction and a non-slip rubber surface.

    You can easily angle the footrest to suit your needs.

    The footrest is lightweight and portable so when you don’t require it, you can easily slide it under your desk for safe storage.


    • All metal construction
    • Rubber surface
    • 5 angle adjustments
    • 2 height adjustments


    Size 550 mm wide x 300 mm deep
    Height Range - Front 60 mm to 85 mm 
    Height Range  - Back 60 mm to 210 mm
    # Angle Adjustments 5


    Grey with black top


    12 Months

    $155.00 (inc GST)