Z-Rest Mk1 Half Footrest

  • Z-Rest Mk1 Half Footrest 101ZH

    The MK1 footrest is a smaller version of the Z-Rest MK1 footrest. The difference being is that this device only has an angle adjustment.

    If you sit at a low desk and don’t require any height adjustment, this may be the perfect footrest for you.

    Z-Rest Half Footrest

    Without the proper ergonomic features, sitting at a desk for eight hours can sometimes be excruciating.

    Muscle pains and aches are common among office workers, but luckily there are some affordable footrest options that can greatly improve your comfort.

    An ergonomic footrest can encourage healthy circulation, while also improving productivity. If you experience leg discomfort at work, the Z-Rest Mk1 could be just what you need.


    The Z-Rest Half is designed for taller users or where height adjustment in a footrest is not required.

    The sturdy anodised aluminium construction provides six, 6 degree angle adjustments.


    • Australian Designed and Owned
    • New sturdy aluminium construction
    • Highly durable anodised finish
    • Sleek Modern styling
    • Marine grade Carpet tread
    • 6 degree increments of height and angle adjustment


    Platform Size 465 mm wide x 325 mm deep
    # Height Adjustments 6  (6 degree increments)
    Height Range - Flat 40 mm
    Height Range - Fully Angled 225 mm
    Construction Anodised Aluminium


    Silver Frame with Grey Carpet


    12 Months

    $190.00 (inc GST)

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