3M FR530 Adjustable Footrest

  • 3M FR530 Adjustable Footrest 101H

    Do you use a footrest at work? They can greatly improve your comfort and posture!

    The 3M FR530 Adjustable Footrest is built with heavy-duty steel construction for increased stability throughout your work day.


    3M FR530 Footrest

    The 3M adjustable footrest can help to improve neck, back and leg strain thanks to its ergonomic support.

    The footrest encourages healthy body alignment, leaving you feeling comfortable for hours on end.

    This device features an extra-wide platform (22”) which makes it ideal for almost any user.

    Your feet will be safely secured thanks to the 3M Safety-Walk Slip-resistant surface.


    • 22” platform
    • Slip-resistant surface
    • Height and tilt adjustable
    • Heavy-duty steel construction for increased stability


    Size 560 mm wide x 360 mm deep
    Height Range Front 45 mm to 75 mm
    Height Range Back 45 mm to 175 mm
    Construction  Steel
    Surface 3M™ Safety-Walk™ Slip-resistant




    5 Year

    $149.95 (inc GST)