Standard Lycra Mouse Pad / Wrist Rest

  • Standard Lycra Mouse Pad / Wrist Rest 60DMP113

    If you spend large amounts of time using a computer then you are probably familiar with wrist pain that can occur from using a mouse.

    The Lycra mouse pad is an affordable device that can offer instant ergonomic support and help to reduce wrist pain.

    Standard Lycra Mouse Pad / Wrist Rest.

    An ergonomic mouse pad helps to align your wrist in a neutral position instead of spending hours raised at an unnatural position.

    The outside of the mouse pad is slightly raised so you can comfortably operate the mouse without it slipping off.

    The bottom is also lined with a non-slip material so it’s great to use on any surface.



    • Lycra Fabric
    • Gel-filled wrist rest
    • Rimmed mouse pad


    Construction Lycra cover over gel
    Dimensions 283 mm wide x 213 mm deep.
    Weight 420 gm



    $110.00 (inc GST)